Do sigils effect Astral Plane?

If I put an idea into my subconcious, will it automatically effect the Astral Plane?

So, is a sigil just effecting my subconcious and therefore changing me or does it do that and then my subconcious automatically starts telling the Universe what I want. Like a law of attraction thing?

Or do you need to carve sigils in to candles to get more effect from them.

I guess what I am asking is if sigils only change me, or does the change in me create a change in reality.

I used a sigil to overcome a habit I was developing about 3 weeks ago and it did exactly what it was supposed to.

I am not sure how to ask this so i will try to stop repeating the same question in different ways and hope the board knows what I am trying to communicate.
I heard a guy say he sigiled to have an orange ball in his yard. And it worked. That would indicate that a sigil will change our shared reality. Not just the person. Other people would be able to see a ball in the yard too, whereas my bad habit was not known to others. So one changed reality and my sigil just changed me.

How far does a sigils effect/influence go. Just to me or to reality itself?

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Yes , they do

yes the astral is a mental plane, the collective unconscious/realm of imagination. Sigils are part of the conscious and subconscious.