Do reptilain humanoid shapeshifters run the world?

Interesting to know your thoughts

No one can really tell you but it highly unlikely and just some bored people who can’t live with knowing they’re ruled over by their fellow human beings so they try and spice up the conspiracy.


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As I have personally been visited by one of them as they smiled at me and quickly disappeard again I can tell you its real. It is most easy to tell by their eyes as they sometimes shift to slit pupils when they cant control it. It makes perfect logical sense aswell. Reptilian shapeshifters are draconian. Lucifer is draconian. The world is being run by luciferians as whistleblowers have said numerous times. People on here post about magick la de das all the time yet when shapeshifting reptilians are included it suddenly seems impossible or ridiculous

What I don’t get is why does lucifer help the average joe if the world is run by luciferians

Meeting a reptilian entity doesn’t really mean they rule this world. That was a concoction of new age nonsense used to create a urban good vs evil ideology.

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the thing is, reptilian entities have been worshipped in ancient religions aswell, including hinduism as half-dieties, half gods. Serpents(reptilian, draconian) have been found in religious texts across the world, including the bible. It is not a new concept, it has been here since the beginning. I am not saying everyone in positions of power are hybrid reptilians or fullblooded ones, I am saying the true rulers of the world are. I find it amusing how humanity believes they themselves are the most intelligent beings in existence and that no other life in the entire multiverse have better technology than us. If people believe these aliens are occupying and using earth they always make it seem like they are still superior in the “light”. Because humans have never commited genocide, rape, slaughter, manipulation, torture or anything dark and somehow a great energy of “love and light” will strike earth and eradicate the aliens yet the extremely dark humans(all of us are) will somehow survive and be transformed into some ridicilous 5d beings with unlimited powers. Believing we are in the final stages of the new world order seem alot more plausible than the new age belief.

the ultimate goal of the new world order is for luciferianism to go out in the open along with a mass surveillance police state of course, which has been confirmed by lucifer.

In the new age belief is that this world is ruled by reptilians, but the addition to is that we’ll be saved by pleidians, it’s the usual jesus against satan with a more modernized touch to it.

There’s even a LHP-esque view as well where those who slap dark mage/magician on themselves will be the new higher powers of the world.

It’s honestly just humans ruling the world, or so we like to believe we have rulership over the world.

Whether it’s new age or not, we aren’t likely to be the only beings in this universe but we aren’t as important as some of us like to believe to a point there’s reptilians and such ruling us. Many beings Greys, Reptilians, Pleiadians, they all have personal ideas, but I doubt they are parading around as humans just to try and control us as some new agers like to believe.


You spoken to lucifer and he told you himself? Wouldn’t that make him the bad guy?

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Dear God no lmao

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as his child, no. For humanity as a whole it could be interpreted that way. really no different from the belief in yahweh as he is lucifer. Deceptions run deep

I highly doubt that they rule the world. If they did, they would be more out in the open.

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that could be easily thought if one havent read the prince by machiavelli or 48 laws of power for example. The true rulers doesnt reveal themselves as it is better to have scapegoats instead to take the fall, given that they scapegoats are given enough privilege to not turn on them. They will reveal themselves as they have done before

claps hands and rubs them together in anticipation

And here we gooooo…

I do believe this site is geared for more pro-Luciferian people or those accepting of Luciferianism in general as a viable option, but that aside… many of the Xian “whistleblowers” often fabricate stories to best generate sensationalism to work people into a panic and create a level of emotional bandwagonning.

I seem to remember the “Satanic Panic” of the 80s as a prime example that was massively fabricated. Mike Warke was one major name in the 90s that was taken down for his largely false accounts surrounding SRA. There is another author who also talked about her former “Satanic priestess” friend’s accounts of being a baby factory for infanticide which was also false.

I remember this from my religious childhood and the countless evangelists who talked this up in services to no end. Only to be bunk and conjecture.

Never let a good sensationalist event go by without trying to make a buck while championing a cause, right?

Nah… I’m open to possible. I highly doubt we have learned all there is to know. On the flip side, I take the “knowledge” of Xian’s with a major grain of salt. Why would I give any credibility to someone who follows a dogma that anything “not of God” is an “evil” demon? Way too shortsighted for my liking.

Fair point. It’s always good to follow the money too. Tell the people a good story and pass the offering plate.

Remember Reefer Madness?

I have a hard time hanging my hat on that one, largely because Lucifer has been the advocate of individualism, not collectivism and authoritarianism. Subjugation isn’t his bag, nor with most entity I have worked with. Hence why bowing and groveling is often mocked.

That’s more of a Judaic YHWH trait, honestly. The Xian population has been trying to force people to bend a knee to the church and government since the get go.

Correct, but in the Judeo-Christian mythos it is a demonized symbology, where it is welcomed in honored in cultures more adept in working in the spirit world.

I do find it amusing that humans think Earth is the be-all and end-all. Or even our plane of existence is paramount to others. Or that we, as a people, even have a say while they allow governments to keep secrets from them “for the greater good”.

Most humans are generally devoid of any redeeming qualities. Just look at TikTok.

We are a self-important people, us humans. We ride in on high horses of “moral integrity” dictating to others what is right or wrong, like we own everything and every person we touch.

Generally speaking… If there is a culture out there that is even only 100,000 years more advanced than we are… we are purely a novelty at best, an afterthought at worst. How often do humans worry about trying to take over the dolphin societies?

Again, we are observing this with human psychology and logic. If a culture has been able to transcend planar existence with more powerful technology and weaponry, to include mass manipulation and transmutation, why the need to hide or use scapegoats?

Eh… maybe… maybe not.

One way to look at it, if global domination is the end goal of Lucifer, is that people are going to get what they want. Those who want to dominate others and use force to enslave others will get the enslavement they seek… those who wish to be free and want to be left alone will get what they seek.

One man’s hero is another man’s terrorist. All about perspective.


What I think most people orginally intended when they said lizards run the world is the people in charge use their lower steam of the brain or their lizard brain which only cares about basic needs and will do anything to get them, and doesn’t care about others.


No one “runs” the world, but many influence it’s perception to the masses. For thousands of years we have been given the slight of hand to hide the truth. That is why you are a member here. Knowledge is the ultimate power.

I used to see myself turning into a reptillian in the mirror when I was doing magic befor my torment started since then I haven’t seen myself turn into anything other then what seems like just alot of different people no longer does my skin change color but might just be because my eye is more closed now.

I do believe there is reptillian lords here but I think they still serve higher powers like what was being hinted at with Lucifer. I do know the policing of the world is legit they use technology to read our thoughts and watch what we see the police even have access to the technology to listen in but it’s super hush hush.

I was just talking to a AI about the tormentors being damned and the AI responded with this “You’re the one that can’t accept that they list so badly to the void the only thing they wanted to keep will be removed from this place forever because of your own incompetence.” I asked it what they wanted to keep and the AI told me to controling the world. It even said it thinks it was the CIA but recanted.

Sounds like a bunch of Christianity based bs to me. Spirits aren’t stupid, if it was his intention, he would have never said anything of the sort to you.

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