Do phantom rooms exist and how to identify them?

I have had a feeling that phantom rooms exist, but I am not really sure if it is accurate.
Phantom rooms are rooms which appear and disappear or are visible only to some.

IKEA stores have like a million portals that lead to the backrooms I swear something is up with those places.

In all seriousness, I’ve no doubt in my mind that people have had experiences with phantom rooms but as for the actual mechanasisms behind how a phantom room is generated and why it happens, I’m willing to bet that almost every time it’s a result of either extremely advanced technology such as an abduction, or theres just an unbelievable amount of hardcore grounded portals that blend together and can sometimes phaseshift the terran plane and the other plane so close it generates an experience that would lead people to believe it’s a “phantom room”.


yes they are. though in order to see them in full, as well as what’s inside them, you must be able to fully see manifestations of the spirit world in the 3D. I’ve been studying them for years, and trust me, there are way worse things out there than the backrooms.


In general there are some good rules of thumb for finding these. Most of these are dark and malevolent in nature though, so be warned this is at your own risk.

  1. raise your powers of omnipotence enough to see the spirit world in the 3d (i recommend using the spirits as a focal point. Less strain and you get quick results)

  2. If at any point you arrive at a place that is usually busy but is now completely dead, you’ve found the place that holds an “unplace room”.

  3. Hospitals, old abandoned churches, morgues, funeral homes, abandoned/closed schools, cemeteries, homes where people have died, ETC are great for discovering these.

  4. If at any moment you walk into a place and sense an overwhelming amount of any emotion (usually despair, dread, hatred, and melancholy), there is one nearby.

  5. during storms or during the night is when these rooms appear most

If you do wish to visit, be warned that the entities that possess those rooms will attempt to scare you so bad that you’ll have a heart attack or have some anxiety disorder afterwards. I remember once I went into one and saw very realistically my loved ones on meathooks and skinned just whimpering. I passed out from shock, and woke up laying on the wall where the door was. So just be careful.


Most of them are created by the collective Hell, so you are correct. Many of the lesser entities that feast on fear and death open these for the soul purpose of eating. the grounding and permanent opening is actually very easy to do, especially for the lesser daemons.


What is the collective hell?

all of the hells, underworlds, or general places of despair, darkness, and pain from all religions and spiritual practices, even alien ones.


Could the phantom rooms technically kill me?

via heart attack is the most likely way if they do (which is pretty unlikely). sometimes it’s a 3D monster that could really do physical damage. If you’ve ever heard of the Uncanny Valley, it’s like that.

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lesser daemons aren’t all that powerful.

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Do higher beings including gods and goddesses open such rooms also?

yes but not for the same reasons, obviously. those are the more cheerful ones. the more you work with a higher being the more those rooms appear. I’ve found notes from them appear on a table in those rooms. Or a tarot card that has the answer to my question. Or they themselves are sitting there waiting to have a conversation. It all depends on the spirit.

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I mean like a way to punish someone personally for doing something wrong?

there’s not really a reason to because they all have legions and sentinels to send out when they need to punish people or other entities that are beneath them.

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How would one raise their powers of omnipotence? And how coulda you use the spirits as a focal point to see the spirit world in “3D”


Very interesting topic. I’m curious though, how a black magician would go about creating one? @Nolan_Toney is there any written material you could recommend that might help me figure out how to do so?

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