Do or Do not, there is no Try

Many people will recognize that quote, from Master Yoda in Star Wars when training Luke Skywalker. This quote summarizes the power of will and the danger of not fully committing to an action.

Do or Do Not, you either commit to the action or you commit to not doing the action and move on. If you go into the action (say a ritual to summon Bael) and your mindset is “I am going to try to summon Bael”, your chance of failure increases significantly because there is doubt in your mind. That doubt will directly impact the amount of energy, focus, and belief you are able to put into your actions.

You either have full commitment to the conclusion of the action, or you should not even bother doing it. Once you have that mindset, that ego and confidence, your magickical success will increase greatly. Do not wait for a “sign” that something happened or went right. In fact, the most successful operations should occur without any supernatural event occurring, unless that is what you are actually attempting to accomplish. Requiring a sign means you are skeptical, you are just “trying”, you are not sure you were successful and thus you leave the door open for failure.

This sounds so simple, but I find that for most people it is one of the hardest ideas to grasp and it directly shows on their hit and miss successes.