Do Not Underestimate Astral Objects

It was always a dream of mine to experience what it is like to be inside a sensory deprivation tank and cryo chamber.

Given that i do not have access to one, I decided to simply structure one in my mind that covered my whole being (mental body, Astral body, physical body).

I vizualized it as being Soundproof as well.
The results were that not only my skin turned ice cold, but my thoughts became Lucid as fuck as soon as it covered my mental body.

For sleeping, it was the hardest sleep I ever had. I didnt even dream, i just went to sleep then woke right up again and it took me a while to get the energy to move and come back to normal state.

While i was sleep, my thoughts were moving so fast it was rediculous. Like I unchained 17 horses that were running full speed.

But in the end, my experiment was a fucking success! :smiling_imp:

Do not underestimate what you can create with your mind. Period. That goes straight down to Enchanted objects and sigils and shit.