Do NOT doubt

Magick, in most tradition, is to bring a desire (ether) into our world (malkuth), using our mind, in trance, to transform energy into whatever we wish. Many traditions use symbols (real or in the mind’s eyes) to tune in, to use our mind like a transformer, using those specific symbol to use specific energy patterns. I personally enjoy Koetting’s method, a bare-bone method using the most important tool of all : the mind.

I think, in my opinion, a mistake that is usually made is to do a ritual, then once it’s done to instantly doubt of its success. The most important moment, again in my opinion, is the moment when we stop being in trance , in the idea world, and be in our present, beta/conscious world. If you don’t think what you just did is a success, if you doubt, you won’t bring all this energy into our world, thus, you would raise a lot of energy for nothing. Bring that energy to reality.

Everybody doubts, it’s normal, but doubting when you just do something is a fatal flaw. Once you do your ritual, and become conscious/beta again, fake it if you want it, but think to yourself, “I just did this, and it worked”.


Yes all ritual should be approach this way. Once I step away from my temple my mind is in the world once more the ritual feels like a dream. I do not think about it I let it manifest as I have commanded.

I agree with what you wrote there, you’ve actually clarified it in terms of what and why it happens, which I hope will be helpful to people who are still struggling with why this matters.

I’ve noticed that allowing myself to forget stuff I’ve done helps shift in into the unconsciousness where mindwork is far less impeded by earthly and humanity. The human thought spectrum is naturally quite noisy.

“I personally enjoy Koetting’s method, a bare-bone method using the most important tool of all : the mind.”

I feel you on that dude. I don’t use circles, candles, or costumes, just pure intent and I have only ever experienced success in my workings. I’ve noticed that success in workings is actually easier than trying to find a success worthy work. So that inner intuition from the unconscious really comes in handy in those types of situations.