Do newly created servitors take time to acclimate and then start working?

So I gave life to my servitor on Saturday, 5/2, and so far nothing. It is the first time I have checked on his progress. Should it take him some time to get up, get things figured out, and finally get going. Or do they usually hit the ground running?

I am also thinking I may throw some more magick at the problem, hit it from a few different angles and see if that helps.

Anyway, what is the time frame for a new servitor to get going. I do feed daily right now since he is newborn.


From what i understand you have to teach them the basics so they can get the hang of things. While they are fully matured beings in their forms I do believe they still have some maturing and learning to do in the mental arena. So show him how to do something once then see what he does from there. And also make sure to feed him unless he is self sustaining.

Servitors can start working the moment of creation, but they also have to develop/learn as they go along.


As far as I know they start immediately , you should probably spend time practicing and improving .

Also, it depends on how complex the servitor is and the task that you gave it to do.

For instance, if one servitor is given the task of helping you find a job, then there are several unseen factors that she would have to navigate to help get you that ideal job. It would take a while. And, you must try on your own, showing up for interviews and such.

Is the servitor very simple or very complex to do the task needed? Again, a nympho servitor that just provides sex is not as complex as a servitor that’s supposed to help you learn calculus for example.

So, show some patience. No “lust for results”. Take these other things into consideration.