Do moose lodge members practice magick?

What do they do?

I doubt they do much of anything that we’d call magick. Other then praying to their moose god,and little weird things like that. Best if you go asked them yourself. They could be eating babies right now for all i know;)

From my experience (parents were members for many years), it’s nothing more than a social club.

Maybe find a forum some members are on, and drop a few hints, see who bites?

Sickening as it is, most people right now don’t consciously practice magick, or even have a decent occult agenda tucked away in their diaries to take over the world, but don’t be disheartened. :o)

Some of them worship Satan and give a Big Hail Satan =) A long awhile back I was at a Jack in the Box and saw this big wall poster of Jack Satan (wearing large Antlers on his head in a business suit) walkong away. That I would say was one of the more Memorable posters of the Jack posters and commercials. Jack is definetely a Satanist Im sure of it =)