Do magickal oils, bath salt etc ever expire?

Hello, I occasionally buy magickal bath salt, magickal oils etc. I’m also interested in dry herbs for ritual magick but I was wondering do they ever expire like in after some time they lose their magickal effect? And is there a way to know? Thanks.

Feel and intuition, maybe dowse a pendulum - strong circles mean they’re alive, flat or indifferent movements mean they lost their mojo.

You could maybe recharge them using planetary talismans, crystals, stuff like that - if you look up crystal cleansing and charging, a lot of that is applicable to many other kinds of objects.

The magical essence of the thing is always there because the associations happen in you and that is the key to it all the herbs are just a thought. Now medicinally the herbs do have an expiration date. But for magical purposes not so much. Because it is all about the energies so in magical terms a sage smudge used by your great grandfather would be more effective than one you bought this morning. Because of the associations of energies that have collected such as ancestral spirit powers etc. So in magick it’s the thought that counts.