Do Lucifer chose if we burn?

Do we actually burn in hell? Some people say you don’t and others say you do… What do you guys know or think?


No, we burn meat and we do a BBQ.


Lol no I’m lost because some people say Lucifer chose if we burn or something like that and some even say he burns with us… I just have a lack of information

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Hell or the infernal nation isn’t exactly a place where you burn, at least in my opinion, the Judeo hell is just a copy and alteration of Tartarus from Greek mythology.


The whole “burning in hell” thing is religious propaganda.


What is this Hell that you speak of? Is it a created invention to keep people in line to a doctrine based on fear and subterfuge or is it an actual place/existence?

In Judaism, we only have reference to She’ol which is the Underworld, the Land of the departed where souls reside after humans die. It is not until we see the context of Christian doctrine do we find statements from Jesus in the Gospel texts the phrases of ‘gnashing of teeth’, the ‘worm is eternally feasting’ and ‘torment and suffering’ among other images of fire and brimstone. At first in Orthodox Christianity, a doctrine of one who is in Hell is one who is simply outside the presence of the Creator of the Universe, but in Western teaching we begin to find teachings of a literal location filled with demons torturing souls in an eternal inferno.

So, does Hell exist for us to be eternally tormented? Is it a place where we are outside the presence of a malevolent and selfish creator? Or is it a device created to keep the masses in line to a man-made dogma?


Every time you give in to fear, you give birth to your personal hell.


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As you say.

The Old Testament contains the word “Sheol.” It appears 66 times and means "grave and pit.” This does not refer to a place of ever-burning torment. The Greek equivalent to “Sheol” is Hades, the underworld. Even though both words originally referred to the grave or to the place where the righteous and wicked go at death in their origin.

Only in late period Hades, the Underworld took on new meaning through Hellenistic influence to include concepts of a place of torture or imprisonment. Indeed we all look for eternal justice and that how the old Greek solve the problem in their mind.

From an etymologic perspective Sheol and Hades originally both referred to the grave. However, with Greek influence in time, The early church adopted these terms with new meanings, with separate places for the righteous and wicked; heaven and hell respectively.

Another word used for “hell” is the Greek word “Gehenna.” It 's not an Arabic term. This term refers to the Valley of Hinnom, a large valley positioned on the south side of the city of Jerusalem, Used mostly by Byzantine to define the region. This was a place where people living in that region throwing their trash and results was methane gas and due to that, it was perpetually burning.

Also here Israel sacrificed their children to Molech. So some bad habits took place there and the place was cursed too. If you look at mythology ( Norse or Greek) Gods never accepts the killing of the innocents.

That concept of Hell rises from that valley. Hel btw is the name of Goddess of Underworld in Norse mythology. What they did was simply taking the concepts from pagan culture and create something for their ideals

There is no “eternal fire.” ıt was mentioned in Judah 7 for Sodom And Gomorrah but even Sodom and Gomorrah are no longer burning

Many of today’s Church propaganda, beliefs originated through Hellenistic influence of Early Xtianity.

We all want justice and peace but it doesn’t mean burning people eternally. We do not burn people who don’t believe in us and why something that you believe in its Almightiness would ever do so, he can be at least as civil as we are.


As many people already said, there’s no heaven nor hell. If you speak about the “life” after death, your spirit goes to an upper dimension. It may return to Earth, if you choose to though.

Now, the upper dimensions are formed via your thoughts. If your thoughts are vile and negative, then hell is created. That’s my theory about it.


I usually avoid talking about monotheism because that incredibly simple concept is lost to most people.
“Tyler knows this because I know this.”

God might know some things we do not, but eternal torture is an ultimate evil. If I’m wrong about that, then my entire concept of morality is broken and the question doesn’t matter.