"Do Love Spells Really Work?"

Do Love Spells Really Work?

Here you go folks, live ritual demonstration and plenty of info. :slight_smile:


When a video like this comes along at just the right time, that confirms the power of magick to me. I have to be careful what I say, but here goes: I did a preliminary divination back in May, as to what the outcome would be, were I to evoke 3 demons to win someone over. Why 3 demons? It’s a big job.
Anyhow, the reading I did revealed that somebody could end up dead, so I proceeded with a few stipulations: Don’t break up his marriage. The wife and kids never find out. His career isn’t ruined. He is not to suffer, other than for wanting what he believes he cannot have,a compulsion that will eventually become impossible to resist. He will also come to realise that he misjudged me and regret treating me cruelly. Above all, nobody dies!
Well there has been progress and some amazing “coincidences”, but it is slow. I was thanking the spirits for their help and asking where we go from here. One of them told me this. "He has seen your forbidden fruit and desires to partake, but knows that to do so could result in being kicked out of paradise. He is already suffering terribly, what are you trying to do, kill him?"
The other 2 demons confirmed this, saying that there needs to be some “trouble in paradise” and that this cannot be achieved painlessly. I eventually conceded and changed my stipulations. The marriage doesn’t end, the children aren’t scarred and nobody ends up dead. It was a unanimous “That we can work with.” I won’t reveal any more at this stage. Let’s just say that EA’s video gave me an eerie chill, when he talked about his ex committing suicide. He also addressed the question of harming others. Amazing timing is all I can say!


HINT: Show sexual dominance in your Love spells and that will Amplify them MANIFOLD. There are of course always a few exceptions… however, the submissive nature of most people is a Universal thing. This goes for all sexes. That and I liked the erotic image of the girl on the Youtube video before you push play; and that made me think that perhaps there was actually going to be a bit of kink in the discussion =p


Yes, relationships within the BDSM world are fascinating.
Part of that video reminded me of something in The Satanic Bible, about using the right kind of spell. LaVeyan rituals are categorised by the 3 basic human-animal instincts: lust, sympathy and revenge. It advises that if you desire love for self-agrandisement, you are better off performing a sympathy ritual (success spell.) If you want to make someone desire and long for you, only to make them suffer, you are better off with a revenge spell. EA used that love spell to give his ex a taste of her own medicine. That was another aspect of the video, which seriously made me sit up and listen. I wanted my target to know how it feels to painfully long for someone, fight it with everything you have and inevitably give in. I also wanted him to be sorry for misjudging and mistreating me. I’d like for him to mentor me as well.
I think in such a situation, one has to decide which objective is the most important. I never wanted him to suffer too much, so revenge is out. I do intend to perform further magick, to advance in my new career, but having this man as a mentor is not at all essential. I hope I’m making sense.


I found this video interesting. I have never cast a love spell. I was never really in a position of wanting to try it, or of having enough desire to make it work, to actually think I could make it work. I suppose romance, sex, love and passion have never really been as high on my list of needs as any people. I did think about it ONCE, though after thinking about it, I realized it was a means to an end, not about love. I wanted a relationship with someone from out of town so that I could move out of town. Why not instead try simply using magic to make the move I wanted?

I tend to agree with a point EA made, and I’m glad he made it. Instantly I knew I share his ethics on this one. I feel that making someone love me against his will could only end in trouble. No, if it completely against their will and their natural inclinations, I don’t feel I should do it, even if it did work. Why would I want someone to love me only because I “made” them. I want real love.

That said, this did come along at a strangely perfect time. I actually am considering doing such a working, and I might just use EA’s spell, because it really was perfect. I’m not trying to violate anyone’s will, or anything. It’s actually nearly the exact situation he used as an example. There is obvious potential I think for love, if we could just finally meet in person. Haha, it’s only one international boarder and a few thousand KMs. I know I COULD have started smaller, tried for someone nearby, but that’s not what I feel is right.

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They absolutely do work. I think the thing to remember is that in a situation such as wanting to make someone love you, you must have patience, however know that it WILL come to be. I’d pay close attention to what E.A. says in this video. I like how he emphasizes the fact that he specifically asked for a sign to be shown to him the next time he sees the woman he wants. I have done the same in the past and just a few nights ago, I cast a spell to reinforce the ritual I did a few months ago and what I asked to happen with this spell has already manifested. We are sorcerers and therefore nothing can stand in the way of our will.


There is Love to be found everywhere when doing Love Magick. Just simply waiting for “the right person to come along” can kill alot of opportunities. Within every person there is a Hidden Love Secret that is waiting to be unlocked where they actually really do Love you =) This isn’t manipulation, it is Common Sense and normal human interaction on the physical levels. Likewise, one should apply it on the magickal levels as well.

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Agreed, one of the things that royally pisses me off is when people start talking about soulmates or twin flames and how they’re waiting for that one special person. But literally, as you said, your special person is literally whoever the hell you choose.

Arranged marriages work because of this exact reason, you can make a relationship with anyone in the world. There is no one single person that you are meant to be with for your entire life. But you can choose one single person to be with for your entire life.


Think of it like a Game of Seduction and just basically winning the person over to your way. Doing so is an Artform and is not always simple. That’s why I always shake my head when someone says “That is immoral” blah blah blah.

So in the world where one must have advantages… why is it that one should roll over and play dead to the rigged game of Love when you have to fit the stereo types in order to achieve something that is so natural?

There are stereotypes people have to fit into… which is ones looks, how much money one has, how famous one is, sexual technique/reputation, etc. However, with a Love spell… and fyi I do not mean a Fire it off and forget it one shot deal, one can actually bypass all societies games and play more on ones own terms…

The question is… is how deeply are you willing to drink of the Holy Grail?

As far as Fate goes, maybe it was FATE that you decided who you wanted to be with =) But no one would ever guess that some people are Fated to be Fate Benders (funny enough I think of a Fate Bender like off the Japanese anime “Avatar the Last Airbender.”). There is a love spell that I do know how to do, that when done right can have permanent results (even though some on here have said that no love magick is permanent), but I will not release it due to the amount of controversy it could generate (moral reasons). I just wanted to point out that you can do love magick to get what you want, and you can do it to make it lasting… but it comes with a certain price… hence my reasoning on mentioning how deeply one would need to drink of the grail.


Another way to look at is, the guy/girl who really loves someone maybe more worthy of that persons love since they go out of their way to work magick with all the consquences that could possibly bring.


I agree with Biosynth on that the “that is morally wrong” is all bullshit, because its not - i’m not expert on morals, but who cares anyways… Well okay some may for various psychological reasons and maybe thats better for society unless morals go to far.

But you are doing some kind of spell on another person anyways when love happens, you cause chemical reactions and shit - so what does it matter if you do an actual spell :smiley: although i still advocate to physically and mentally take care of yourself, and i believe that a person who takes care of themselves can also provide stronger lovespells… So forth actually being attractive is spell itself, but still it should be okay to do love spell - of course it might not be for everyone and you should think to yourself “is this REALLY for me?”

Maybe i’m just justifying this stuff? do i need to ? no! but is doing love spell right decision for everyone? probably not! is dwelling with magic at all right decision for everyone? probably not either!

I’m kinda confused tho that biosynth wont tell about he’s special love spell, but then again i’m glad too since keeping some stuff secret might give it more power… if its discussed only in “hidden” also someone could potentially fuck up their life with it. Remember that too, what if the person you thought was attractive is going to make your life terrible? that’s one of the main things to be worried about really.

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Well I won’t tell the details, but essentially the Permanent Love Spell calls for two major things. A Power source that Rivals most Covens of 13, and knowledge regarding Transformation on the SoulSpirit, Mental and Physical Levels. The Love spell isn’t necessarily something you do with Herbs and Mythical Lore amidst your altar (although one could add that for symbolic effect), but rather it requires utilizing the knowledge of something like a scientist, with the Precision of Organization Fired off through Ritualistic Type Magick.

Why Does it work? Because it causes changes… why does it stick? Because energetically its superior and doesn’t fizzle out. Why is it immoral? Well I’m assuming some are smart enough to figure that out for themselves, but if you ever reach the point to be able to do something like that then you will understand its not as scary or “potentially” immoral as it seems, but rather liberating for the individual involved. But to the ignorant, it would seem immoral. One of the reasons I will not tell you is because it requires gathering a lot of power? How would one go about that hmmm?

Even though I won’t tell you, I will give you a clue. With any sort of Love Spells that you do do or Spiritual Love work… hold massive sexual orgies and then use that power. That is a bare minimum to get started =) and FYI… this is a VERY MORAL and GOOD THING…especially if its used on all the pretty Christian Girls.

and to Black Flames question… “What if the person is bad?” Ok Reframe your thinking regarding this. You could either be like a Lost Leaf blowing in the wind… running to each girl because she is good in whatever department. or you could find the girl that’s the best balance of everything or most things that matter to you… and then… … … Enhance and Evolve her so she Evolves with you =)


I most probably wouldn’t use this spell anyways, and i’m not sure am i truely interested in sexual orgies - but i don’t think its morally wrong, since i’m not expert on morality anyways i consider it morally neutral and say that it can probably be both “good” or “bad” but yeah more about the orgies just for fun…

It could be interesting to try in some state of mind, on the level of thought it would be very interesting but then would it really be something that i’m looking for? most probably i’d be just looking for excitement and sexual pleasure which can be achieved easier than having massive orgies - and when it comes to ritualistic orgy that would probably be extremely hard to gather unless you live in a place with lots of people like new york or tokyo.

So yeah, that is probably one possible road and i’m sure its fun for some - but there are many roads that lead to rome.

(this is mostly a philosophical speculation)

as for answer to my question:
I don’t think that i need to reform my thinking regarding that since it was only a warning for those who might be attracted to someone who they don’t actually know, but could be a schizophrenic stalker or when they fall in love with you. It was more likely an invitation to think that is the person someone who is really worth doing your love spell?

Everyone can think about their decisions, but your suggestion is good too. Usually it just happens to be a special combination that makes us fall in love, the spell that is already around them that affects us.

I hope this makes sense to everyone, schoolwork really makes me tired and restrains my ability to focus on studying other matters as well… But i’m glad we have at least this one course of philosophy since i see it linked to magic/occult.


my original point is that i’m so tired of people judging others for love spells (but i think that has silenced a little already) but i also don’t want to push people doing them either, everyone can think about this option if they feel like it.

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Well you dont have to actually participate in the orgies. But just organize and collect energy. Its only one of many power sources, but for intended purposes the more appropriate form. Everybody wants something different from love though…for example “regular” relationships bore me =).

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I understand, but just because i’m interested… What does regular relationship mean to you :smiley: ?

And what would be an extraordinary one?

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Regular Relationships: Go to Bar or whatever hang out, talk/ask girl out on date, go on date, hold hands, do more hanging out and the usual sappy stuff, fuck every once in awhile… do everyday normal stuff in between like going to work. RINSE AND REPEAT.

My Version: Any situation where one meets a girl… that the minute you look at each other and connect it is like Electricity/Heat, even if its very uncomfortable and, but very arousing. Followed by pursuing it and hooking up for mindblowing sex (it doesn’t have to be angry sex, but just very energetic). FYI, in the relationship instead of doing what most couples do, all the energy including negative energy in the relationship tends to MOSTLY go for makeup sex.

More Ideal Version: Before first meeting each other, you are basically Fucking each other through Presence/Astral Projection. So it is like this big sex/tease game prior to meeting each other. Then when you do meet each other it is predatory hunger. What felt electric in the prior is greatly magnified and you waste no time going at it. Just because the fact that it is a highly sexual relationship doesn’t turn off as the Heart is not weak. So there is some sappy stuff in between, followed by a bunch of Roller Coaster rides of highly erotic sex and lovemaking every once in awhile. Essentially my ideal is a sexual tigress or the equivalent and she is highly adventurous and both loves to pounce as well as being led on a leash like a sex kitten, so she can do either or (as I love variety).

An example was in my early teens I was very interested in things like Love Spells. However my first magick I ever learned was doing what is called “Psi-Magick,” where it is direct energy manipulation. So I went around the city practicing sexually stimulating girls. Alot of beautiful girls, but for whatever reason they kind of bored me. Then I met this girl who was slightly older than me and she was a casual traveler from new york. I surprised her I think by doing my thing on her, then when I left thinking she just happened to be “just” another hot girl that had “presence,” I was riding the bus home and then she jumped into my head and grabbed me by the nuts… and then started sexually stimulating me. Ever since then I fell in love with her and had this obsession over her and so I went out and found her eventually and hooked up. She was an Italian mistress.

Fast foreward again a dozen years or a little less. I met this one girl in college and she seemed “ok,” as she was an average christian girl who was for all intents and purposes skinny and dressed pretty but was generally very cold. I didn’t sense any passion in her (but I wasn’t highly focused on trying to find out either as I was too busy being distracted by all the new sights and sounds of many girls and college). So through certain circumstances I dropped the class. I think she wondered “where the fuck did that guy go?” Then one night she jumped into my mind… and I felt a VERY PHYSICAL FORCE push me down against the bed and restrain my hands (as if her hands were pinning me down) like a Poltergeist and then she started sexually riding me. Even her mental force was restraining my physical thoughts. Ever since then, I had been obsessed with this girl and became extremely curious and aroused by her and wanted to fuck her in all ways possible and build a relationship. Still working on that actually as there are a number of complications. This girl was a little younger by the way.

Part of the complications are vascilating between women a bit or quite a bit older than me and ones a little younger than me and very few my actual age. But anyway, as you can tell I am not interested in a PLAIN lifeless shell. I want to be with a girl where I do not just have sex with her on the lower human level, but sex is an all encompassing and consuming thing. FYI it does not replace other things like obligations or things I must take care of in life, nor does it replace family or anything else, but rather she would be a Welcome addition to my life.

A regular relationship is hard to explain. So far I only explained the sexual side, but obviously like a lot of other people I do have “higher forms” of love other than lust. I do not actually see them as seperate, but rather as complimenting each other. Therefore, I refer to it as Total Love and try not to define Love too much like most people to where I would be constraining its growth.


Well most people seem to not have a very defined model of Love. If I were to “design” a love spell… what I would do first is draw up a picture of a Human Being (ideal form). Then I would refer to the chakra map. The 7 chakras are actually 7 different Layers/Levels of Emotional energy, that pertain to 7 different areas of ones Life and Worldview and generally evolution. So if I was to think of Love and Relationships… I would look at each chakra and try to imagine a little bit how in that area of my Life I could apply feel Love. I know this sounds clinical, but when enacted naturally it would not be so clinical.

Ontop of that, one of the reasons I am more Lax on the morality concerning Love Spells is because I very well much know that holding even a relationship is not something where you sit on your Laurels… Love relationships, Marriage or any type of Relationship is WORK. If you LOVE the person, you are willing to WORK for it. =) Work seems more effortless when you actually feel good around such and such a person.

Actually, a good way to sum up how I view “Fun” in love relationships… to use an Analogy from a Metaphorical (and literal) perspective would be that I see Love Relationships as a form of “Sexual Wrestling.” Not necessarily WWF, but I think you know what I’m talking about.

Okay, this would be my amazing relationshio i guess:

Lot of random stuff just like you would do with good friend; watching movies,playing games?, eating fast food, eating good shit, talking shit, talking philosophy, talking spiritual stuff but not doing all of this at one day ofc… etc etc

Doing romantic stuff like going to forest walks n shit. if any entity is reading this no i don’t wish literally taking shit, in modern language we mean “and stuff” by saying shit… but we can also mean shit so go figure it out.

Trying new things maybe? even spiritually astral sex and all that, but i would be pretty happy with lots of regular sex at least like uhh every weekend and trying that astral sex, and if it was amazing then more of that.

Emotional support and understanding from that person, which is probably something everyone wants in long term relationship. Maybe having our own life goals that we can fulfil together.

So even tho i’m very sexual, it wouldn’t be only focused in sex but that’s just one aspect of it.

And yeah of course as a narstic dick a little worship wouldn’t do any bad :smiley:

And so i taketh but so i giveth - giving and taking in that emotional dance of relationship spinning thru existence in tremendous duo! not excluding everything else tho, and maybe some day i will have kids ( 2 sons would be ideal) but if i was to break up i would want their custody even if they usually go to the woman? lol now i’m thinking too far, the main point would be that i’d like my children to have both parents if i ever got any and sure as hell would want to be good father in that point - but now i wouldn’t be ready at all.

A good woman always empowerrs her man, where a Mans worth can be also be measured by the company he keeps. Sounds a little Kinky, but a dog is a mans best friend (smile). So back to the question…do Love Spells really work? You get what you put into it… If things were perfect then everyone would be running around with the Holy Grail and Philosophers stone. If you want the A-grade relationship you have to use the A-grade material to do an A-grade job.

I could do all the usual things… Workout to become super buff, fat bank account, popularity, charisma, sex expert… But all of those are trumped by the rightly constructed LOVE WORKING backed by serious power, which most people dont have access to because it requires acquirimg serious spiritual power. To answer your question a decent more permanent Love Working requires you “changing” a person on a deep level anything from a few minor things like “bitch shields” to completely changing the person…and in some cases making them a love slave. The prospect is very frightening to most people, hence my not releasing of that information… But my hint is you really do get what you put into it; its just that most Love Spells are actually WEAK all around.

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