Do love spells just not work on some people? Could a previous curse be the issue?

Hey all, I need help and I tried to make this brief…

I was seeing a good man and he ended things 7 months ago. It still hurts. He treated me like a Queen. Although I regret what I said to make him upset I do believe his reaction was a trauma response and wasn’t called for. Since then I have gone to therapy and more aware of my triggers. The part I don’t understand is that he just turned off his feelings for me. He admitted he stalked me for like 3 years before asking me out. I was his “dream girl”. I should have binded him to me when things were good. I debated using a love spell but I got desperate in August and had a witch cast for me.

My spellcaster told me that I would need to reach out to get the energy moving because he’s going through a lot - his mom is sick and he had to get emergency custody of his daughter. She uses Hecate, Lucifer and Belial. I understand to give it time but there’s been no movement on his end. It’s like he hates me. I admit when we broke up I kept reaching out and pushing him to come back. He blocked me on Facebook. I see his name ALL the time. I was seeing his model truck and police cars (he is a policeman) ALL the time but not anymore. I’ve done a booster on the spell. Nothing. I’ve also done healing work on him. I was told to reach out to him again (11/14) and I did. I text his phone and I got the read receipt but no response (of course). At least I wasn’t blocked from his phone.

Why am I getting impatient? I had a curse removed AND reversed in 2019 by the same witch doing my love spell. Let me add, the curse put on me worked WELL and QUICK. My boyfriend at the time left me and married this woman within a year. Could the curse put on me still affect me now even though it’s removed? I thought my love life would be better but my relationships are short lived. Plus my Venus is in Scorpio so I want who I want and rarely meet men I’m attracted to. My ex ain’t perfect and neither am I but he was willing to offer me everything I wanted and I screwed it up. I’ll never forget that day, I was just angry for NO reason and took it out on him.

I have the money and the career but no real love life for the past 10 years. I see so many woman that are toxic and ALWAYS have a GOOD man and it feels so unfair. I hate feeling like this. My biological clock is ticking. I believe in spell work but why doesn’t it work for me? Love spells are the hardest but come on…nothing? He isn’t the first man I’ve put work on and I’m still single. I feel connected to Lucifer and Hecate but a spiritual friend told me to stop working with them and giving them offerings because “they’re not who you are supposed to work with”. Guys, I’m so confused and hurt. I don’t have any direction and it’s hard to get help with these questions. I feel so broken and not really sure what to do. I’ve pleaded with Lucifer to heal my relationship with this man and at least put us back on speaking terms.

You know what else? I get hit on all the time but these men are not my type and if they are they are not single. Go figure. I feel like I’m being punished. Tired of being in this funk. I’m ready for the next phase of my life.


Thank you.

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11/22 I did the hymm per @sanaRo
I’ve never worked with these deities before but it felt really good. I grounded myself in my circle, lit some dragon’s blood, told them my request and told them what I would do once it manifests. We’ll see…

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