Do love entities help with gay love

Has anyone tested or heard of Duke Sallos or Dantalion etc help with lgbt love you always hear Sallos bringing love to heterosexual people what about the lgbt community if he has helped you share your Experience


I can’t speak from experience but I feel certain that they don’t care about gender half as much as we do


I couldn’t imagine why not.
Hell, try invoking Aphrodite/Venus, The Greeks and Romans weren’t shy about such things.


When i asked for a spiritual lover from Belial, the ever first being he has send me, was someone who could be considered a transsexual in our world!

So no, i doubt Demon Lords care about that!^^


Can you elaborate on this? I’m very interested in a spiritual lover such as this.


Hello you!^^

I have not asked Belial for a transgender, he just have send her to me, because i have never be very specific with him , haha! and he enjoys sending to you what he thinks “suits you the most”

What people need to remember, is that Belial is a “galactic” strategist,( for lack of a better word) not only that, he is simply not human, he can understand our feelings, but he sees anything straight to the point, his sight pierce through all veils,
if you want a lover from him, you need to be overlay specific, or he will choose for you , like for me, what he thinks is better.
It is not that he doesn’t knows your desires, it is just to make your life better, according from his point of view!^^
You can always say no, and he will be delighted about that, i have found he enjoys good confrontational ideas!^^

What i have understood from him, is that our everyday life is a war, and in a war, the better way, is to have a “no fault strategy”, and for him, sexual partners count, like a lot, lol, for those who are sexually inclined to even have a sexual partner!^^


Yes they do


all demons love butt love…


I can’t say about demons or anything, but Pharzuph, an angel of lust, was able to hook me up with a same-sex booty call.


Hey, can you tell how you found this spirit and if he has a sigil?

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please tell what have you done to get those resuults

Welcome @Pagan_liminals. Please make an introduction in the NEW MAGICIAN AND INTRODUCTIONS area, and tell us about yourself and any experience you may have in magick. It is a rule of this forum.

When you use this to find a companion, do you feel having a like-minded companion that shares your views is key, or do you believe Belial will try to find the best compatible partner in any walk of life?

The entities under Satan love any kind of Sex which has nothing to do with the normal sex of the christian church. Between man and woman has to be against nature. Between women and women or Sex between men and men is satanic and so is perfect to charge sigils or any other Sex magic rituals.

Ad majorem Satanae Gloriam

Thank you for the clarification.

Is there any huge difference between physical orgasm, mental mind orgasm, and spiritual orgasm (mindgasm, spiritgasm, soulgasm)?

Love is different than lust by a huge long shot. Both together is pretty awesome. Sex of your partner is hardly a matter of the spirit but if the body has a preference go with that while alive. Honestly, if spirits are going to send me some spirits then send 4-6 of dual gender so they can chain sex mind, body, soul (assuming there’s energy to physically manifest). That’s some lust there but I guess one would love the lust. Still, I’d like to go beyond lust in that aspect and see what power is truly beyond that (though first I have to get to that point).

Lust like any “sin” just usually can’t be sated for long and always wants more. You don’t abstain from it but regulate it to ascend you further; or so I’ve gathered via reading.