Do I need to be out in the full moon

The full moon ritual I’ve mentioned requires that I be somewhere where moon light would be during a full moon. However, I have a moon shaped lamp above the altar. So, can’t I just use that during a full moon?


Yes you can channel the real moon through or into another object, but something as simple as opening the window or imagining the moon flowing through a window would work too.

You’ll just need to be clear what you intend to do while using the lamp, if it’s easily for your mind to associate the two, you’re pretty good to go but if not take a few minutes before the ritual to imagine the moon light/energy flowing from the moon and into through the lamp and out onto the altar.

That should take care of any mind issues as it will accept this weirdness as possible when given a way it could be possible. I mention this as I sometimes have mind issues with things like this because the moon or sun are outside and while I know the walls and roof etc are just mind barriers, they are sometimes indeed mind barriers for me.

So I find things like curtains or windows I can see through to be conducive to skipping the brain fart :slight_smile:

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The influence of the moon is there whether the light is hitting you or not.

I would just take some extra moments to be aware of it’s full state in the sky above you and visualize it’s light hitting your skin.


Some rituals require the Moon light to touch us or some of the ritual elements directly, and it can’t be replaced.

If you can’t do it under the Moon light, I’d suggest looking for an alternative ritual that doesn’t require it. The results just wouldn’t be the same using replacements.


I would like argue that if one’s mind was open enough to perceive or perhaps merely comprehend the concept that there is more empty space in any physical object than actual atoms and physical matter, that one could conceivable channel the moon or any other energy right through the empty space of their ceiling or any other physical barrier.

However I understand my argument presents a hard to comprehend concept which may appear to be inconceivable or impossible so I simple present for consideration! :grin:

I imagine if you could visualize it, it might make more sense or be a testable theory, however we all know I can’t visualize and use feels for things like this :slight_smile: