Do i need a new candle for every ritual?

Or can i re use them?

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Half the time I don’t use them. The other half I use tea lights and reuse them if they aren’t burnt out. Maybe… 3% of the time I do a ritual I have dedicated candles for and want to see what comes out of the wax

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You do not need new candles for every ritual. That would be cost prohibitive for most people.

The only time a candle cannot be reused is if it is charged with an intention ie used for a candle spell.


I read how toxic some candles are. I would say go first with beeswax, then soy based. Try to avoid paraffin candles if you can.


It depends. I often let the candle burn down for a spirit, particularly if I have an altar for them. But also if it’s a large candle, I’ll let it burn for a while then blow it out, then reuse it for another ritual when needed.

I usually use votives or tealights, but even an electronic candle will work.

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No, just spells where the candle itself plays an integral part.

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I heard you shouldn’t do that because some people view as being disrespectful or something? I have a candle snuffer from the dollar store I use.

One or more candles may be used for more than one working, I thought the same about a recent topic regarding altars… save for exception, of course. For example it depends on the rituals, and maybe one current, some entities interest more than others; so one isn’t inclined to “go complete/neutral”.

I have a black candle I use for everything and mostly for light and a gateway depending on what I am doing. I empowered it to absorb negative energy that was attached to me for a cleansing and uncrossing I did on myself. After which I cleansed the candle and made it neutral again and have been using it since. If I am healing I let the candle being used burn or toss it when I am done, but otherwise I use the same candles for multiple things. I used to snuff them out following that idea but it never felt right, I always felt like I was oppressing the energy instead of releasing it. Since I started blowing out candles I have had better experiences and the energy feels 100x better.

Spirits aren’t stupid. They know when I intend to be disrespectful and when I don’t. I blow them out because I don’t have my snuffer to hand - I misplaced it and I haven’t gotten around to buying a new one. Only once has the lwa gently and with a smile told me I really should snuff the candle out - and my response was, sure, but not with my fingers! They were fine with that. All other spirits have never complained to me about it.