Do I need a demonic blessing?

A long time ago, Lady Eva responded to a similar inquiry I made a couple years ago; but I am once again considering this endeavor so I wanted to refresh my memory so that I don’t inadvertently hose myself.

I want to make certain high-end occult items and sell them. For example, I want to make an elaborate altar with Belial’s sigil, etc. I think he would be OK with this due to his name being “put out there”, but I have not successfully evoked him (and don’t hold out much hope that I will be able to do this). May I just offer up a “prayer” to him to let him know of my intention and ask him for a clear sign if he does NOT want me to do it? From what I’ve heard he can be quite mean and I don’t want to fuck my life up.

Any thoughts?


I’d say that it would be fine for you to make these alters. Though have you thought about what makes a good alter?
You can have a very well made alter, but that doesn’t make it a good one. Good alters are the ones that have become ‘in tune’ with magic.
If you can tune the alter and put energy into it, as you make it, ( like making a servitor using a hand crafted doll) then you’ll make good alters. In my opinion, I think you should practice until you are able to perform your own evocations and really have a feel for magic before you start making alters.



Belial is the one whom makes Masters or Fools of men no matter what walk of life they come from. From my conversations and understandings with him, he is extremely cruel to those whom are his enemies or to those who go after his children even if they be Satanic protected by any other demonic god. Once his rage has been aroused, there is nothing that can stop him until he has completely sated his wrath.

Beyond that though, I think the real danger you hear about may have more to do with are you in perfect alignment with your own Goal? Having read around about others experiences with him off this forum, it would appear that he is really good for pushing a task to manifestation energetically…which is why he requires much sacrifice, because it is that same energy which pushes things into manifestation quickly… so what you give and put into your work with him will likewise show what he gives back to you. But anyway, if you are not ready to “receive” then its because a part of yourself needs to change, so he’ll break that aspect of you down… and where it might seem “mean.” Because not everyone is ready to receive their desire.

Perhaps you can evoke him to ask the best way to Prepare and how to make the Best Masterpeice that will definetely sell.

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