Do I necessarily need a patron?

In all honesty, I do want a patron. There seems to be a sense of pleasure in pointing to a deity or spirit and declaring that you have a relationship with it.

Unfortunately, the problem is you need a deity/spirit to take an interest in you. I don’t know about you, but I’m coming into this from a history of rejection. So, My first instinct is to assume that I’m invisible to someone. So, spiritually, I’m not sure if anything is there.

I tend to assume that I don’t attract any spirit’s attention because I don’t have the qualities they’re looking for, as I do with people. And like with people, I’m worried that anyone that takes too much of an interest too fast is looking to take advantage of me in some way. And there are plenty of forces, both human and ethereal, who thrive off people like myself.

If I can’t find a willing patron, I’d like to learn to practice magick without one. I’d like to get to a certain spot on my own so I don’t owe anyone. I’m not sure how possible that is, unfortunately.


It’s totally possible. That is the position everyone is in until one presents themselves anyways.

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You can certainly practice without a patron. While there are spirits i really enjoy working with and learning from, I do not have a patron.


I concur with @Dralukmun. I have no patron, and work with whoever catches my interest. It is not something that is mandatory.

However, if you feel you would like a patron, rather than wait for one to present itself to you, one method you can use to find one is astrology. Bill Duvendack’s book Qliphothic Astrology provides a way to find your patron demon, for example.