Do I evoke before or after the spell

I’ve always had this confusion when it comes to evoking spirits.

Say I cast a spell and want to evoke dantalion or amon to make it manifest.

Do in summon them before I start filling the jar or dressing my candle and casting the spell.

Or do I summon them afterwards when it’s all laid out in front of me so they can witness what I’ve done?

It’s always confused me because if I call them before I cast the spell they can see the ingredients I’m going to add. However if I call them after it’s done they can’t see what I’m going to add… or am I grossly mistaken?

I’d imagine they’d know what’s going on either way as they tend to pick up on our intentions fairly easily so they shouldn’t be confused right?

It’s strange because you can write a petition and it may look as rough and unidentifiable as possible but the spirits can still get the message from it.

I may be thinking about this way to much but it’s really bugging me.

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What is your intent?

If your intent is to have the spirits add their power to yours, then evoke them after.

If you want the spirits to empower the entire spell, then do it before.


So for a love spell would it make sense to evoke them prior to starting the spell?

Also what would my request to the spirit be?

Do I ask it to pour its energy in to the spell and empower it or do I ask then directly to manifest what it is I want?

Because I’ve always evoked then after the spell is done and asked them to bring said person back and I’ve had varying success doing that.

However I’m curious as to whether I’ll be more successful if I evoke them before hand.

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Evoke them before the spell and ask them to empower it.


So something along the lines of

“Thank you dantalion for being present with me, as a welcome gesture I offer you this water. My request is that you empower this spell and energise the ingredients with your power. Conjure up the energies needed to make (Jane doe) fall deeply for me.

Upon completion I will spread your name and make praise of you to others. Thank you mighty duke, thank you.”

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Maybe don’t assume this should be the offering… ask them what they want, if anything. Your working with them may be all that was wanted.


I was just giving an example but yes I agree. However my question hasn’t been answered I’m still confused. Do I ask them to empower the spell as a whole or do I tell them to purpose of the spell and ask them for their assistance in making it happen.

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The answer was “yes”. :smiley: Meaning, it’s your choice. Both will work, they’re pretty much the same thing. It doesn’t really matter which you do.

If you want my advice,

a) Don’t be asking others how you want to design your own spells. You’re the man here, the mage, you’re in charge: do whatever the fuck you want to do.

b) Don’t ask spirits at all.
Stand in your power and do the spell on your own energy and your own merits. To me it seems like overkill to do both, call a spirit and do a jar spell: you only need one or the other. It’s worth practicing working your own energy by yourself, you get stronger faster and you learn yourself and your capacity faster, and you get a better true baseline for marking your progress.


I prefer to do it when i begin so the spirit is there from the start

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