Do I burn the sigil or not?

Hi everyone!
I have this question as recently I was watching a utube and the guy was following E.A.'s books for magic and at some point he said that in none of the books it saysthat you have to burn the sigil after the manifestation occurred otherwise the magic starts to undo itself.
So, do I burn the sigils or not? I work with goetian demons and I thought burning their sigil would be disrespectful as it actually represents them and a link to them.
Because I can’t really burn anything right now where I live a while ago I decided to dissolve it in water instead I read that’s a way to do it instead of burning. I was working with king Paimon at that time and weird things started to happend after that the house alarm went off for no reason, fire alarms went off for no reason both at home and work, power outages out of the blue just for the place I work and so on. I felt that I shouldn’t have done it. Then what’s the right thing to do burn it or not?


The only sigils I’ve ever burned are my own, and one Lucifer sigil my friend made and used in my presence.

I like having them around if I ever need to speak to them quickly. Especially with the amount of energy I move and accumulate, it helps.

But, to me, the choice is yours.


Have you tried searching the forum?