Do gods and spirits care how their powers are used when invoked?

And if so, who in your experience does and what are they concerned with.

In my experience no they don’t really care.

It depends on the spirit. Some don’t care, and then there are those who do.

In your experience, what are some that do

I once tried to invoke Raphael to hurt someone. As he’s a healer and not big on hurting people (unless he feels they deserve it), he did not like that.

Dude, that’s like going to your doctor and saying you want to put out a contract on someone. I wouldn’t be surprised if they looked at you like your crazy.


He did! :joy: :joy: :joy:

Well, there you go.

But I’m talking more about spirits being strict regarding how they’re knowledge is to be used or how their human partners/disciples live their lives.

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Closest I can think of is Raziel. As the Archangel of Secrets, when he tells you knowledge that is to be kept secret, you take it to your grave. If the knowledge was used for your practice in private, I don’t THINK he’d mind (it really depends on what he told you), but he would be livid if it was shared with other people.

Then it’s a good thing I’m not too interested in working with him. I’m the type who’s very expressive and loves sharing what I think and know. It has gotten me into some trouble, unfortunately.

Granted, I like to disguise it all as fantasy writing and philosophy.

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