Do glasses help or hinder magic?

So today I tried to meditate/open a sigil with my glasses off it seems to go better I may even have seen my first thought form (a dark figure that looked kinda like a T actually more like a anchor) anyways what do you guys think?

I think your own experiments will yield better results for you.

But it makes sense from a magickal perspective. There is a concept in some magickal traditions that a ray is extended from the eye to the target you are focusing on and back again. And this seems to correlate to the more modern concept of the Observer Effect.

The basic idea is that observation is not passive at all and that you are interacting with whatever you are observing.

So putting anything in front of that (even transparent glass) would seem to support your experiment. After all, particles can be slowed down when they are passed through certain materials.


If that’s what works for you, keep going! Results beat theory every single time.


Well I’m going to try it this going to suck but meh what’s the worst that can happen I trip and fall? I do that July glasses on…

Well, how deeply ingrained into your identity are your glasses? I mean, do you accidentally touch your nose trying to push them up when you’re not wearing them, or do you wear them in your dreams? Do you feel incomplete without them, the way some feel naked without a wristwatch or wedding ring?

In some cases, leaving them on makes your mind more comfortable, making it easier to focus on the Work. In some cases, taking them off will make your mind more aware of what’s going on, like putting on a ceremonial robe helps put you into the head-space of magick. Like they said, pay attention and experiment!