Do different rituals bring about different responses from Angels, in particular Raziel

I have kind of narrowed the ritual I want to use to contact Raziel again to 2. One from Woodcroft (which I have used successfully in the past) and one from Jareth Tempest.
One of them says to be rather brief when communicating with the angel, State your petition and move on. The other one is more expansive, although it could not be considered wordy by any means. It might allow for three times the communication as the other.

Is there any kind of rule of thumb for how much talking you should do?

It is kind of a stupid question, but I like the longer form, I think it might help me generate and convey the correct emotions to the angel.


It depends on what you are comfortable with! Even if the author says to keep it short! You do you! The angels wouldn’t judge! I find making my own style after trying different methods work best! Also when you follow rules it distracts you from feeling genuine and immersing yourself in the ritual! Dont think too much or restrict yourself…


Alright, thank you for your help. I am going to write mine out, I won’t remember it verbatim but hopefully I will cover the main points of my request, why I want it/the emotions around it.

I just don’t want to come across and angel and start stammering or else freeze up. I have also been memorizing the ritual so I can deal with the spiritual problem instead of the technical aspects of the ritual.

Is there anyway to go through the motions of this, to practice it, without actually calling the angel, like maybe leaving off the last line of the ritual or something.
Or do angels sort of expect us to be kind stupid anyway, so it not critical to be exactly correct.

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:rofl: well they do understand we are humans! I tend to ramble sometimes when i can’t explain something! But they tell me to make my intent clear and no need to explain since they understand the emotions behind it! They do know what you want before you ask it! And sometimes they know you better than you think!
You can practice a ritual with the intent of practice i think its fine! It will build momentum for the final ritual!
Don’t worry too much! Just go with the flow of the ritual even if it feels stupid sometimes! Write your intent and then do what comes naturally to you!
Good luck

Raziel doesn’t seem to mind when I get chatty, so I think you’ll be okay.

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Frankly, right now I have decided to put all my energy into contacting Raziel again. I am also filling in the gaps with reading about sigils, but my primary goal is to establish some sort of regular communication/interaction with this angel if I can.
I am using the Tempest and Woodcroft methods. (not at the same time)

I feel like I need to feel him or see him or have him yell at me or something, I am confident he would help me, if he would just show up.

Anyway, i have been doing some dry runs with both methods to kind of get them memorized. Like I took some time to remember what caves I have been in and what waterfalls look and feel like, that kind of thing. I also am trying to memorize the Woodcroft ritual.

I also just finished this sort of short course on withcraft, so instead of doing their Chakra based meditations I will go back to the Cabbalistic Cross, LRP and Middle Pillar. I think that might help too. Raziel ought to like Divine Names being vibrated. I would think invoking the energy of 4 archangels ought to give me a bump in his eyes too.

How badly do I need to get over this notion that Raziel must somehow reveal himself to me. Is that maybe creating a problem. The books are clear, do the ritual, take it for granted the angel heard. maybe I just need to do that, take it for granted, chat him up, and wait for him to figure out how to reveal himself. But I have weak faith, so that is kind of a problem.

Thank you to all for your guidance.