Do demons really want our wellbeing?

Hello magicians,

Please keep in mind that I’m still new to this and a bit brainwashed by JCI. Before everything made perfect sense to me, when I was christian. God created humans and Lucifer didn’t want to kneel before Adam and so on… So he and his followers became demons and are now trying to drag people into sin and so on…

Now my question is : From that point (As I’m sure you were given that information about demons being evil during your childhood), how did you discover that Demons actually don’t mean you no harm and in fact, are actually willing to help you ascend ?

Was this discovery solely based on personal magick experiences ? or are there any litterature/scriptures providing some more general information in that regard?


I don’t work with demons anymore but

When I left the internal pantheon, they didn’t harm me at all. Actually their energies “scared” me to a path better for me. Also the day Caim helped a baby bird changed by perspective on demons for good.



Do you work with any other spirits ?

There is a fan club for demons here, mostly lonely people who masturbates to their anime fantasies and call that “ubi harem” and themselves, “chosen one”. Doesn’t seem like a reliable source.

That being said, there is quite a lot of literature with rituals where you call on divine names and use angels to restrain demons and force them to do your bidding. I’ve come to the conclusion that there may be certain symbols most spirits fear or at least respect enough to not harm the one wielding it.

I don’t believe anyone created the universe. And I don’t think demons are less individuals than any other individual, so caring or not will be according to you. They may like you or dislike you, but you can make them respect you.


oi, some of us do legit have a harem of spirits.


They help the Magician. If you build a friendship with them, then I do think they will care about your wellbeing, depending on the Demon of course. But mankind as a whole? Demons have been called to murder and help abuse in vicious and terrible cases without issues. So, it doesn’t seem like it.


The demons are a part of you. They can be summoned to perform magick because when you summon a demon, you allow them to make their power and presence manifest in the world. The demon is able to strengthen its existence by being manifested through the work of magick, and you are strengthened by the power and presence of the demon. It is a mutually beneficial relationship.

Do demons care for all humanity? This is a more complicated question than it may seem. In my experience, the demons have assisted me with all manner of issues and manifested all manner of requests, some with the intent to directly harm others, such as with a curse, some with an intent that indirectly harms others, such as me winning an opportunity over another. It is clear that the demons you summon will work with your best interests in mind as helping you is akin to them helping themselves. If a spirit does not work with your best interests in mind, then you should be rid of it. Sometimes it is the case that an apparently negative event was needed to make way for a much more desirable outcome than would have otherwise occurred, but most of the time a demon will just do what you ask.


I was raised Christian but had to play along because I didn’t believe it. And so I didn’t think demons were real. Just scare tactics. Fast forward a few decades. I wanted revenge but going to jail wasn’t an option. So I halfheartedly performed a curse with Glasya Labolas. I was on my way to bed feeling like an idiot for believing a ritual would work when Glasya Labolas went kaboom on the front door, then again on the backdoor. Instead of being frightened, I was thrilled to realize demons are real. He could have hurt me, but he didn’t. What he did is renew my faith in the spiritual world.


I think thought provoking questions have been raised here. In my opinion demons or God for that matter do not care about the well-being of anyone per se. There are ways to communicate with these spirits so they do what you want i.e. the act to fulfill your wishes which would improve your wellbeing. In much the same vein if you petition them and ask to become an addict, whore etc. I am sure they would also oblige. Similarly, if you make mistakes in some of the communication methods they may not fulfill wishes aimed at your wellbeing. I think spirits are very similar to humans and can turn on a dime. You have to know how to deal with them.


Ohhh mann this is a can of worms I want to dive into!

Okay so my favorite expression is when telling people " My Experiences" Which are mine alone an not in anyway deeming them the truth for anyone else.

Is Yes,No,Maybe so

Dont apologize for being brainwashed, its a path of unprogramming most of us have to take unfortunately,

You are in control or atleast mostly I mean some entities will not want to work with you which is okay.
But never go into a ritual or any working expecting disaster because you will fuel it dramatically,

Try to discipline your mind, Remove the things you were taught to be normal an be completely neutral or a clean slate if you will.

Also grasp this concept,

What ever it is you’re wanting to work with or make a bond with do research on alot of entities have be renamed over time ,but each name has its own life just as you were not the same 10 years ago id imagine as you are now. So if I wanted to speak to your sub conscious from 10 years ago it would not be speaking to who you are now.

As far as what I’ve felt from the ones I’ve worked with is nothing but pure unconditional love

The kind a parent or family member would give, an some of us arent familiar with that feeling an its overwhelming an electrifying feeling of love, the kind of love that just appreciates your existence.

Some entities not as much but theres always a MUTUAL respect an of high consideration.

Remember have fun with it dont let your mind get in the way!


When we say demons that covers a pretty broad range of spirits. You’ve got fallen angels you got natural born demons of the Infernal empire, ect.

My experience with the demons has been overwhelmingly positive. I work with mostly fallen angels. My energy and thiers jives right. A few demon demons also.

What I can tell you is that your individual relationship with a specific spirit is the deciding factor. Fallen angels and demons are known for tempting and testing people. But if they like your attitude and style a friendship is possible. If you make real friends with them they can be awesome allies.

So be wary of stupidity and ideas that the demons are all light and love and fluffy and snuggly. But don’t close the door in thier face either. Be respectful and polite with them and you might be surprised at how awesome they can be.

Just my two cents.


Depends on the bond you make with them otherwise no. To majority of demons you don’t matter. To demons you bond with maybe.


I have been working with spirits and demons mostly. From my experience, I have been working with demons and they are really nice to me. They kept dangers away from me, forecasted situations and taught me how to perform magic. Some of my knowledge are from books but practical knowledge are from them. However, there are also some spirits that want to harm you so you got to really see it for yourself.
I feel that you have to see whichever side that you are drawn to, angelic or demonic. You really got to see what you really want.


Whenever a demon (or fallen angel) gets to like you, can it be for ‘‘unexplained reasons’’ like when you feel bounded/attracted towards someone (not in a sexual way), you dig his/her energy without knowing much about the person … Can such scenario happen with spirits ?

And thank you everyone for your inputs, it is now much clearer to me now


Yes there are many ( non sexual) reasons a spirit can be resonating with you.

You could have worked with the spirit in previous lifetimes, you could have reached a point in your development where the spirits decide to reach out to you, there may be something your working on in your life that a spirit wants to assist you with, it could be related to your astrological natal chart planetary placements. The possibilities and scenarios are about endless.

If you thinking this is happening I’d say proceed with a respectful attitude and be patient and see what develops. Make sure to have boundaries that keep you safe also.


I have dealt with Death goddess/demoness/female angel (whatever you want to call her) who while was very cute and some of this was during a very high “self love” phase of my teen years. There was no sexual charge to the bond, even though for a while there I was very lonely (middle school sucked) and one of the female aspects of Death was my pretty much best friend… I would sleep cuddled with her.

So even during my time when everything was sexual the bond wasn’t, and I didn’t learn about this being from a book.

Death has been a very very old friend to me… so hopefully the fact that this is a Death being doesn’t weird you out

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I’ve seen the same in my experience. Especially if your previous life was in Infernal Empire/Hell, you may be especially drawn to the Demonic because you are familiar with them in soul. Or if you previously incarnated into one of the Norse worlds for example, you may be drawn to various Norse Gods and spirits.

Best do to divination on whether or your soul was demonic or from another mythos etc.


This type of divination, is the one called ‘‘Past life regression’’ ? Already done that, seen that I was an african warrior of ancient times… but it was clearly on the physical plane. Which ritual have you done to get that revelation ?

I’d rather use proper divination, things like that (Depending on the ritual you used) tend to be quite prone to influence of the mind. Use Cleromancy, such as the Tarot, I Ching, Runes etc.

Personally I used Geomancy.


That’s something I would love to find out when I’ll finally be able to get to that point. I’ve tried few times with tarot, but didn’t get much infos from it sadly, probably because I’m still not the best at reading it. I’ve had a bunch of spirits showing up those past few months, I have no idea why and the worse part is that my senses aren’t developed enough to ask them directly, so yup, much fun.

Maybe someday, would be nice.

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