Do demons or other entities fight around you?

Is it possible that one spirit you’re connected to will argue with or ‘fight’ another spirit you’re also connected to?

It wasn’t flashy but things got really quiet and then boom, suddenly there’s angels…well angel…Apparently…

I wish there was an app that told you who and what you’re dealing with lol someone get on it!


Yes, this actually happens to me, where some entities that feed on my darkness clash with entities that want me to release my darkness properly so I can ascend past it.

Oh, ya, some will say “you need to embrace your darkness”, but these fuckers have no idea how fucking dangerous my darkness is to myself and others.

It is not some edgetardiness I am talking about, I am talking about a ruthless desire for certain criminal activities (chill, I am not a serial killer in the making).

Regardless, this darkness emit some powerful fucking energy that some entities like to get high on, but my goddess is pretty damn clear that this darkness is a slag product of my transformation, and it needs to be harnessed and disposed of properly.


I know this is completely unrelated to the topic but i like your profile picture. Who is it? @Ashtarte

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I think this bit maybe because of my upbringing but I get the feel that I was already committed to one thing and all the sudden switched up. It feels like a situation walked in on. Like finding my hand in the forbidden cookie jar. I don’t know. …the energy has been different sense then. That was before I cut myself off.

Thanks for your experience @Ashtarte!

A random picture I picked off Google, don’t think it resemble any particular character.

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I’ve had some entities I know argue around me, or when my guardian angel wouldn’t leave (as I renounced christianity long ago but she stayed but she was also clouding some things for me) so I had some demon acquaintances (who I was trying to build a friendship with) and in some occasions they’d fight, but now the angel is gone and the demons I tend to hang out with in etheric projection are still around.

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I’m going through something similar but I’ve stepped back from both and said I would check in when my life isn’t so intense. My goal is to help myself but I love it every time I do get some help, makes me all warm inside.