Do demons not like being referred to as demons?

Title is clear on what I want insight into. Long story short, I referred to demons as demons last night and there was offense taken, I think. It said “Demons aren’t real” and I replied, “Sorry, I meant spirits” and they stopped talking. So, does anyone know where this is coming from? Is the name “Demon” derogatory?

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I refer to demons, as demons, all the time, as does the founder of this forum, EA Koetting, and it has never seemed to offend anything (well, except maybe those of a religious bent on this forum who always want to call them “ancients,” which I personally find ridiculous). I’ve had spirits refer to themselves as demons so it seems to me that the word “demon” is something like the genus of a particular class of spirits, nothing more.

In my opinion, for someone to get upset at its use would be like a human getting upset at being called homo sapien.

Personally, I don’t think any legitimate demon would care.


In my experience with some of them demon is just their race, just like if they were to call us human. However, if they share their name or one of their names as a preference to be called then I call them by their name, but they dont get upset or care about being called demon, unless you pick a fight and call them demon as if to be demeaning in which case you’ll just get yeeted lol.


What label you choose to use is entirely up to you. I don’t think any one label is correct or incorrect. If you can manifest power by focusing on a demon then you’re doing it right if that does not work for you and you choose to call an entity a spirit or an ancient and that helps you better Connect with the power then I say do what’s comfortable for you there is no right or wrong answer to this question.

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Thank you all.


Look up Daimon… it is a Greek work referring to a class of beings between humans and Gods… they are guides, etc… Demon did not always carry the negative connotation it does now.


It’s all about personal perception and intention. If you think of Demons as Hollywood/religious propaganda entities while calling them demons, then some may take offense. But if you use the term and actually mean it as simply a classification, more like the Daemon as @BabyDragon said, and actually have that meaning ingrained in you, then you won’t have a problem.

Words are meaningless sounds we use to convey and organize our thoughts. It’s the intention and energy behind them that gives them meaning and power.


I love that :slight_smile:


I don’t think most of them care about the label as much as whether or not respect is being given to them. I use the term spirits out of habit but have had no I’ll responses the few times I have addressed them as a demon/demoness. If anything, it seems to spark a bit of that kind of smile that only emerges with dark humor.

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