Do demons keep working for you until you get results?

Thats probably a better idea

No problem. Just work on it once again but dont f*** up this time. The first step should be communication, once he contacted you once again dont blow it.

I know i probably should have went along with everything when we did get together but instead i kinda fkd it

What kind of petition do you suggest along the lines of?

I see you’re already familiar working with demons. I suggest doing the same ritual you did and contact Sallos for rekindling love. Come back to me (reunite us back) + rekindle his love towards me. Sitri too if you want him to lust over you.

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Its my caster who does it for me actually before i did spells he really did have feelings towards me but because we had an argument one day thats why i started putting spells on him but i feel its drove us apart in a way that why im asking for advice

I see. Then Duke Sallos is perfect for that situation. If he’s angry with you, you might as well ask Grand Duke Dantalion to change his negative thoughts about you to something postive.


Thanks so much for all your help teddy i really appreciate it

No problem. This is my way of thanking them. Helping someone that needs help.

Yeah its been a difficult road…

I also thought of clearing and just doing a lust spell then after that go for the love spell i dont know if thats an idea or not

I think you should stick with love spell first, once you have them once again, proceed with lust spell. Then perform a binding spell on them.

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Ive never had a binding spell

Who do i summon or what do i do for that?

Still Duke Sallos. He’s the master with intimate relationships.

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Brilliant thanks for that

Remember to ask every demon with different tasks, but with the same end result.

Thank you will keep that in mind

Depends on what you want and how you’re getting it.

Usually, it’s better to just wait and let the demon work (set it and forget it), though I have been instructed to do certain things repeatedly until manifestation.


Yup usually takes a while. I had a guy steal my guy out of my car. 5 weeks later the dude kills himself at my shooting range with a similar model. My guy I think really enjoyed it I think lol

What did you have to repeat

How long did it take

Usually chants or certain tasks (ex. Eating a certain kind of food).