Do demons interact with other demons/spirits from other plains or dimensions

Might be a silly question but was wondering do all the Demons/spirits we call out to exist on the same plain or dimension?
I’m fairly new and not sure how it works if all demons exist together or if they could infact summon eachother if they exist in other dimensions same way we summon them.
There is so many religions and pantheons that have there own demons/spirits what have you so do they all exist together or know of eachother?

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People tend to divide the world up into planes or levels of density which certain spirits or entities may act or affect things here or intertwined with here from, in and from various parts. Some vices or powers or forms they frequent many think are based on what levels they frequent or inhabit more. Its popular theory too that between some cultures many deities and specific types of spirits or entities were just different names or mentions of the same specific or types of ones as in other cultures and times. Also, that some cultures or individuals didn’t mention certain types or ones when they were around as much as some others in other times or places.

As in christianity for (one okay) example djinn or a being like them weren’t made clear as what they are or that they exist, but hundreds years later in islam they were said to be one of the fundamental main types of living beings, and in some much older times in various places the same beings basically were talked of too as came to be talked of again in more recent times like then (just as one example). I think mistranslation is part of the reason it has seemed like there’s been a lot of varying ideas or lack of knowledge what ones are likely the same as others, and loss of people who understood things most as happens all through history.

The physical world here many consider the densest region of the planes or main regions, and generally agreed upon other main well known ones entities preside on of all sorts are the astral, and then the mental or causal, and some believe there’s above that. Each of the main regions are sometimes divided up smaller.

One thing commonly thought too is non physically incarnate beings like “demons” or other gods or deities may or do have a purely spiritual (maybe universal) language that they can communicate with others or affect with strongly, and likely an inherent understanding of the overlapping where existing, and ways to go between the different regions when necessary so maybe not needing any summoning between each other. If its possible for us to speak in this way to or back and forth, that’s up to debate I think its plausible though. (Apologies for any annoying length).

Searching for some of these keywords from different cultures and times and systems, even as Wikipedia wanders can be fun and informative to fill in more (with fact checking and open mind of course). These forums are great for studying wider peoples own thoughts and reports on such


Thank you very much for you response, that was very informative and I’m starting to see how there are many diff names for the same demon/entity through religions and cultures.
I am totally hooked on this forum, I’m like a sponge just craving information and knowledge and there is so much here from so many experienced magicians and occultist’s. And getting lost in Wikipedia is another fave past time haha.
Thanks again for you feedback, much appreciated :pray:

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The goetia, the gods, etc exist on the etheric plane, often traverse the to the astral plane (which is the collective unconscious) when people go out to meet them, or here.

However, different cultures have their own creatures within it, take Yokai, they only really exist within shinto mythology/Pantheon, but some yokai are considered demons. Just as fae exist in multiple regions and pantheons but they differ per grouping, some beings travel through different cultures, while others do not, most connections are formed based on generalized similarities such as the goetia compared to the Gods, that’s a connection made by a few LHP people, but there’s no historical connection among them and many have met entities that have been force linked at the same time.

A lot of the beings talked about here reside within the etheric unless it’s a thoughtform or say beings like Cthulhu.

However, there are beings who are on other planes of existences that few people have crossed paths with.


Oh, please do contiune.

I think its different plane. You have to do rituals etc to be with them. Sometimes they come to you from different planes.

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“All is one” and “there are no division” ring in every system of magic or whatever. If there are no divisions And all is within us, maybe demons are paradoxically us and apart from us (until we awaken)…

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Thank you for that info, I learn so much through this forum it’s amazing.
It’s really interesting to think with all the other planes of existence out there, what kinds of entity’s / Demons exist we have no idea about and what powers they may hold.

Very interesting :thinking:

I often find that there is no division ideology to be heavily flawed, sure there is no division in the sense everything is energy but all energy does not come from the same source and energy changes based on many factors to a point that energy has become shaped and altered in such a fashion that so there in a way is very much division.

I’ve met beings who are normally kept out of view of humanity, that never really want to commune with humans, they were almost like elementals but they didn’t really have an element, just pure energy and preferred to keep to themselves, so when I stumbled into their place I was later removed and asked to not come back out of respect for their desires to be kept to themselves.


Thats crazy, you could have been in contact with beings that no one else ever has which is so fascinating to me. That must have been an experience for you, I’m sure it just made you that much more curious about them but must respect there wishes.

It’s part of why I got into etheric projection, it allows me to meet beings on my expeditions without having to sit and do an open door evocation or invocation. Rather, I’m able to explore and let my experiences fall where they will.

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That’s something iv always wanted to look into, I’m still working on developing my meditation abilities but astral travel so interesting.
Can I ask, iv heard a few people mention you have to be carful to tether yourself or it possible to get lost on your travels, is this a real thing that can happen?

The astral realm/collective unconscious is in a state of ever changing scenery so some new people feel they might get lost there, but the tether is unnecessary, your will alone can snap you back to your body, or if you end up tired from projecting it will automatically snap you back to your body.

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Just with humans, others races have had contact with them?

Not sure, when I found them they were pretty closed off in this thing that reminded me of a nucleus, I never asked if they interacted with other beings though

And other races don’t talk about “them"?
I mean, yeah you said that they’re very closed off.

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None of the beings I’ve come across mentioned them but I found them when I got curious of what was “beyond” the Void. Which I assume most beings don’t really go out towards.

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It’s interesting though, they have emotions like ‘every’ being too?

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Not sure, I never triggered an emotional response from them, they seemed pretty dull.