Do demons get annoyed?

When one first attempts communication with a demon, and requests a wish - when do you stop trying to communicate with this entity?

After asking my wish I feel almost irrationally better about the situation, which I think might be a good sign. However, my wish is more of a wish for something not to happen, and thus I don’t know when I am finished trying to talk to this demon.

If I continue to try and talk, is this a sign of disrespect towards the demon? Even if the situation is resolved, what if I still seek to build a relationship with this demon. Is it considered bad manners if I evoke a demon just to try and talk to them and feel their presence, so we can know and work with each other?


Do humans get annoyed? yes demons can get annoyed, like us they have varying levels of patience…however, you don’t have to stop trying to communicate, simply space out your attempts because evocation is like a phone call, and calling back and forth will piss people off.


No, they’re not remotely human and don’t have the same emotions, or even an emotional body to get annoyed with - this is a feature of physical incarnation.

However, if you view them through the lens of a thoughform, as happens with sigils, these impose limits that are stored in the collective unconscious that anthropomorphize them and can make them seems to have human-like emotions. It’s as real as your expectations make it though. If you expect to annoy an entity, you can receive that energy because you created it.


This is heavily false, demons get annoyed and have similar emotional responses to us. This is spreading misinformation.


What does sigils have to do with thoughtforms or spirits or beings? Since sigils can be constructs, focal points for spirits or people.

They’re made by humans, with ideas about what you get from them preset. A construct and a thoughtform are the same thing in my view.

Can you please define constructs and thoughtforms in you’re view?

They are conscious beings , so yes they get annoyed


Non-physical, non-sovereign entities created i.e. formed by thought. A kind of non-physical machine. A construct in this context is also a kind of non-physical, non-sovereign entity.

Bear in mind, I’m an animist - everything is an entity and can be communicate with as such, and in combinations.

However I don’t use ‘construct’ as it’s used a lot in RPGs, and there’s quite enough confusion between role players and magik as it is.

BTW - this isn’t my definition so I can’t take credit of any kind - it’s a generally well known idea in western occultism that I’m just not unhappy to adopt:

Lol I haven’t ever played a game where they used the term constructs but okay.

From the communities that I’ve been around. The term construct isn’t a rpg word or roleplay. It’s a energetic programming for example a shield, or something used to attack. Simple as that.It can also be complex.I think you honestly need to spend some time researching these things a bit more. Maybe even open you’re perspective a bit more.

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Can you explain why? Do you take issue with the definitions I’m using?

I’m curious to hear yours in turn.

Construct-An object built in the from of energy. This can be done in the Biolocative physical plane, the Astral Plane, and the Etheric Plane. Construct is build from energy, powered, and programmed for a function. Constructs can be really easy or really complex.

Thoughtforms-not much different from the link you have posted which basically said it all if you ask me. Not a real entity in my personal opinion.


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I remember once I was calling a demon , kept repeating his end and saying “hear me” , I think he got annoyed with me I literally felt him hitting himself against all 4 walls of my room to let me know he was already there and I could start with the request :joy:


When your parents keep calling you, you retort with “WHAT?!?! a thousand times,” but then they go silent. :joy:


Yes they do very much get annoyed but it also goes to say Excatly as @Velenos and a couple others have already said.


I’ve had demons appear to be annoyed at me, but this was more of their way of creating an emotional response within me to help with the magick I was doing. For example once I was worrying about something, and they were like, dude, I’m on it, just chill the fuck out and stop bugging me about it.

I don’t think they technically really “get annoyed” like humans do because their consciousness isn’t the same as human consciousness, but I think this is just getting unnecessarily pedantic.

I do suggest that you not summon a demon just to feel their energy. I like to linger and rest in the energy when I do a ritual, but I think it’s good to always have a request of some kind. If you don’t know what to ask for, then you can always ask for wisdom about a certain situation in your life (and this can be very general, like your finances, or career, or spirituality, anything really).

When you summon a demon you are bringing a power within yourself and the world around you, so it’s good to direct this power in some way. If you don’t intentionally direct the energy, it can just go wherever. You usually don’t want to be super specific, so that way the magick has room to be creative, but it’s good to be specific enough that you still get what you want from the ritual.