Do demons care about right and wrong when it comes to assisting you?

I’m Coming back to the occult after a long Haitus. I finally feel im ready to make this a big part of my life again.

I have an insurance battle I need dealt with.

My truck was totaled (I was tboned ) and sustained some injuries to my left side.

I was struck so let’s put aside who was at fault , it’s moot because the police can’t assign it in my state.

Only having liability insurance , I have to fight the other guys insurance and I’m starting to consider hiring a personal injury attorney because I’m being jerked around by the insurance and even mine (when it comes to the BI part).

I’m very much considering evoking Belial for assistance with this which will take a huge weight off my shoulders and allow me to relax about it.

In legal matters , I’m assuming the details matter very little to demons like Belial ? They don’t have any consideration for the other person ?

I mean … I’m hurt and out a $12k pickup truck but the other guy was driving a small vehicle and could be hurt a lot worse. he was acting real sketch and I don’t even know if he had insurance.

He was driving a rental car.

Anyway , I know it may seem like an odd question but do the goetia have morals or are they just forces that act regardless when asked/tasked with something ?


In my experience, I wouldn’t worry about it, especially with Belial. I would say they do have their own moral codes, but they are not the same as ours. Just like how views on morality differs between human individuals, what we view as “right” and “wrong” is likely not the case with them


You probably should have hired a PI attorney right away. The longer you wait the less likely they are too take your case, especially if it hasn’t impacted your ability to work.


They only act on behalf of you so i think if you tboned someone maybe but if you got tboned by another i doubt that any demon caused this , but I guess it’s not impossible cause some people only listen to hard lessons :man_shrugging:… what i do know from my own experiences some demons don’t like me , maybe you have a problem with one also

Yeh i also don’t believe in right and wrong when it comes to demons… it’s both relative

Every spirit is also an individual, so their moral codes will differ from each other just as humans differ.

I wouldn’t worry about who is and isn’t injured the worst, tbh. It is irrelevant.

I had to go to the doctor and only just now got my insurance through my employer. It took so long because I had to use Medicaid to get medical documentation but yes it will 100% affect my work. I do commercial electrical work. It’s very laborious at times. This happened like 2 weeks ago.

Then you need to hire an attorney ASAP. Trust me. I was in a similar situation a few months ago. You will get screwed for sure without one.

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Yes, you need to hire an attorney; that goes w/out saying. And then you need to call on Belial! Or maybe even the other way around. But this is right up his alley.