Do demons care about race and gender?

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do demons care about race or gender? I get the feeling no and that only the soul matters.

as for my race I am mixed but look white just curious about this topic my mix is mandarin Chinese and germanic. so I guess I can work with Aryan gods and eastern gods?


I just call myself Chinese and German.

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No they don’t care. They can be any race or gender, depending on your consciousness.


I find it really hard to believe this is even a serious question when 99% of the “demons” we work with come from a very small region of the world, the middle east to be specific, and what we may call darker gods from the Norse, Egyptian, etc., are not even “demons.” :roll_eyes:


It’s a fair point intellectually, but I do understand that the prejudices that many experience in this world are naturally projected out into other worlds. It is a liberation to discover that most “gods and demons” care not one jot for our color creed or philosophy. From this vantage we realise we are all in fact Gods (or a part of God if you prefer). That is why I personally make no demarcation between angels and demons.


Is it that time to break out the Demons asking did you just assume my gender memes? :rofl:

@LucifugeAzazel generally not but i’m sure the more people become focused and even obsessed over such things the more it might become an issue…As below so above and all that.


Is what Chinese and German would be.


When a mortal calls, They shall answer …
Keep this phrase in mind whenever having doubts :wink:


Some ethnic groups have a traditional priestly caste, determined by birth, but even then, magick belongs to the illiterate peasant mumbling in the gutter, as much as to the highest kings. :man_shrugging:

I would have thought the very existence of vodou, a magico-religious current practiced by slaves on land that was not their ancestral homeland and using alien Jewish & European masks for the spirits, shows that magick belongs to anyone willing to pierce the veil.