Do Demons and Lucifer hate the Enochian Angels and other Angels?

I have been wondering about this and can’t let myself work with any so called angel because of my allegiance to the Infernal Empire and Lucifer, And I need to know if they are ok with it and one other question are the Enochian so called angels more dark and demon like than the so called demons? I know this is mixed but that is how my head is ^;;^

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and one more question are the Archangels Michael Raphael Gabriel and Uriel Enochian or other race

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:thinking: i dunno about species of entities but at one point i was working with Michael (learning new ways to defend myself) and Nyarlathotep and Cthulhu at the same time and saw no conflicts.

But i dont have any kind strong religious programming from upbringing so “the gates of the strange” open wide for me.

That said I dont think it would be an issue so long as you remember you are on equal footing. The moment you put any force above you or below you that is when you start getting the " this entity kicked my ass" scenario.

If you feel a strong aversion or have possible subconscious programming against working with angels then that could become an issue. In which case you wanna deal with those first. Alot of how this can go down will depend on you.


From my understanding of these matters i dont see an issue regarding this as it helps with your acquisition of power which can only make you a more valuable ally.

I am somewhat fucked up when things lean more to the Dark I want some light when things lean more to the Light I crave the Dark, and something interesting when I think of Angels there is some closeness inside and a good feeling i get also that may be due to the fact of my previous christian brainwashing program I did on myself :smile: , when I think of the Demons I admire and like them alot and want to be with them and like them

I advise you sort this out before interacting with angels or it could be an issue and complicate the workings.

That said another avenue open to you is to USE that programming in your favor. Christian based magick is a thing and can work if you can work it.

Check out the Mind and Magick channel on youtube for flourishing successful example of this. The guy who runs the channel frater Xavier does just that. Using his religious upbringing to his magical advantage.