Do demons accept human offering? And is it common?

I wonder how often humans are being offered lol. It’s a crazy weird question. I’m talking strictly about offering adult humans. No children or animals. Just a dead male.

How do demons view this? And if you would be a hitman or something and for each kill you offer it to Lucifer or other demons, would they happily accept that?

I guess it would depend on the Daemon and the human making the deal.
Most don’t need a Magician to go that far and those, that I know of, who do take humans usually do it themselves, they just ask for a name.

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I’ll say it depends on the daemon and the situation.

Say you kill someone on the battlefield and offer that person which you killed to Mars/Ares. That would be taken since it resonate with what the God stands for. War.

All in all i’ll say consult with whichever demon or entity said person wanted to know about and get thier opinion.


I also wonder if it has any benefit to yourself as a person. Does it help with ascension? :joy:

Do you get more a better bond with that particular god who asked for the offer.

So Mars is a war planet huh? Wow never thought of that! Is it good that Elon Musk wants us to kolonize on Mars? :smiley: We humans on a war planet… Just like our earth.

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Mars is a Greek/Roman God of War and the planet was named after him.

I don’t think a human offering would be more potent than any other. For example there is one Daemon, who’s name I forget right now but he should be in The Book of Azazel, who when called will require a name or else he will pick one and it could be someone you know or love. Once he has the name he will destroy that person and you can’t stop him.

From what I’ve read you don’t give them as offerings but these are people you just need away from you forever. It doesn’t give you a bonus.
I haven’t heard of something like that, only for getting someone out of your life or to have one less criminal in the world.

I don’t personally think killing people helps with ascention but that’s me.