Do curses work on Jehovah's witnesses?

Im currently stuck in the cult Jehovah’s witnesse,its a very backwards sexist cult and I grew up in it and currently stuck in it. You have to understand why I’m asking this question because the people in it are very indoctrinated and brainwashed. Ive been told curses don’t work on JWs by the leaders(we call them elders.Think of them as priests but there are multiple ones) so i wanted to know if curses work on them.There is this one JW i wanna curse cuz he is a total creep.He is around 20-25 who hits on the underage girls who are 13-15 and creeps them out.Nobody does anything cuz theyre cowards.Ive tried stopping it but I just get told by the elders to basically let him hit on those girls because “he is looking for marriage” sick i know. And there is this one person I want to be protected in the congregation,this person has mental issues and is made fun of it by a group of JWs for being sick.What curses should I do as a complete noob?

ask them if theyr god is an alien :smiley:

and they go psychosis

what you want your “cursing” actually to do to them…

they are not per se spiritual, and they are “protected”/blocked by “god” if im not wrong, since they cannot have spiritual relations with other gods or practice “witchcraft”

Talk to the police, and get the girls to confess what there experience has been with that person. Get as much evidence, as you can so he can get arrested.

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I note that you have a notion of the posture and hermeneutics that Jehovah’s Witnesses use in their theological profession with which they handle.
It is true, its elders are the spiritual guides of the conduct and faith development of its members. Their practices are very absorbent, to the point that they prefer the death of a being for denying blood transfusion, I have witnessed thousands of children who at birth arrive with severe problems that require hematologically consistency in their blood plasma and that urgently should be treated and have died because of the doctrinal precept that militates and that has been moving in the medical circle, the parents sign their reluctance to treat in the medical history and we wait for the death.

How have you been able to get into this path while remaining among them? they have a vigilance of the necessities of life even in the private of their faithful, they present an extreme cellopathy to the point of reforming the thought, education, wood of living of their faithful applying various persuasion techniques reaching the control of the thoughts of their followers, it is something surprising if you are with them and you are on this path, to the truth little to believe with due respect to their exposure.

I remember a case that a patient had to receive a therapy very often to be able to get out of those practices since they, as you mentioned in your writing, use the mental / common washing in the speech of the daily live /, with the technique of repetition and indoctrination that they are done more on a personal level than congregational of their doctrines until the goal is achieved.

As for the question that is the center of your question:
The answer is yes! THEY CAN BE ATTACKED and fall under the effect of a demand in the energy area without any problem.
I certify it because a few days ago a Catholic priest was discovered in lascivious acts against a child under 15 years to the point of sexually outrage him, and was conjured in less than 7 days his life was exterminated, a Baptist evangelical pastor and a Pentecostal evangelical pastor for mistreating Elderly / elderly people, and some children each in their area where they precluded as ministers were discharged one with a fulminating cardiac arrest and another with a pulmonary broco-spasm that ended up intested care and before 9 days passed away.
It is also true, that this is not in general since a person just for having a strong mental temperance that temperance serves as a shield, coupled with the range of spiritual factors that may have in his favor such as assistance from generational spirits among others.
A study of the energy field of the person involved could be used to carry out an espionage vision and detect the weaknesses of the objective and then elaborate the corresponding attack planning, before it would be totally uncertain.


If you are “stuck” it is because you are under age or you are an adult who is still dependent on your parents. While I understand your desire to help others, you should probably focus on getting yourself un-stuck before you start trying to work on others behalf.

The JW’s are notorious for turning a blind eye to creepy molesters, and encouraging 18 year old girls to marry much older men. The entire organization is corrupt, save yourself.