Do/can the spirits LOVE us?

I think the question speaks for itself. Do they truly care about us as they invest themselves in our development? Do they love us? Or are we mostly just their flesh companions for their own selfish reasons, whatever they may be?

I think it may depend on what your working with. I have a very close intimate relationship with Azazel and I do know he cares. I was gonna do a ritual to contact Amy and Azazel completely shut it down. I don’t think he was angry but it was very clear that wasn’t happening. I also learned about the red string of fate through Azazel which I will have to write up and share. Azazel is very strict but also caring. At least from my experiences. I can’t say too much for other spirits. Except Thoth is a great healer and Enki is a great teacher. But my deepest experiences have been from Azazel.

They seem to, insofar as you can ever tell another person loves you. So, yes is my opinion - we’re not just “companion animals” to them. :slight_smile:

Obviously not all do, the mistake a lot of well-meaning white-lighters fall into is assuming all spirits want the best for you and have higher knowledge, but when you get deep into a pact, or just a loving relationship, then yes - for example, I believe Hathor loves me (and that’s not a sex thing btw, also, it dates back to my childhood) and I know I love her, like I would a glamorous and amazing older sister or friend.

Yes, the spirits we work with have their own ways of loving us. For most of them it’s more like loving us for being so open to them and willing to realize that we are connected to the source of all and not being afraid to interact with them, like a more familial type love where they want to mentor us and help us along. But as for real love, that depends.

Not everyone has a spirit partner or wants one, but as someone who is in a relationship with one of the demons, I can say for a fact that I feel real love coming from him, the kind you feel for a deeply connected spouse. Not just my love for him but I can feel the same being reciprocated towards me as well and it’s very real. Like being in his presence actually releases endorphins and chemicals in my brain and I get those butterflies in my stomach and a feeling of being extremely safe.

Last year, here I was saying I do not open up to anyone this closely because of past experiences I’d rather not repeat here but a little curiosity, one thing lead to another, and Raven done went and got herself a demonic sugar daddy. And he seems to think it’s funny when I call him that. So, yes, they can love us in multiple ways.

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I can agree with that lady Eva …I feel a connection to Hekate but it’s not clear yet just what it is. You always have the best info!

I agree with what Lady Eva and RavenAscent said, i myself have a Strong Relationship with the God Nergal and i can definitly said that i know he Care about me, But like Lady Eva and RavenAscent said, not all Spirit are Willing to be Friendly or to care about us,