Do binaural and subliminals really work

Do those thing so really work im sure you’ve seen them on YouTube where you can grow taller, change your eye color and a lot of other things. What are your opinions on this subject. Has anyone had success with them. These things are similar to affirmations and uses frequencies to communicate with the subconscious. So I know for sure you can use magick to do the same thing. I read here that demons like orobas and belial can change your appearance. Anyway lmk what you think


It works, cuz remember the brain is a reciver and also a transmitter. Those things that you talk about are nothing more then waves conducting Hz. The brain communicates at a visual signal of of 25Hz and sensorial at 6Hz. Chances are to amplify the brain signals and theoretical you can control any object based on electrical impulse. If you want more over those things I suggest you to read a book of physics and how it works.


If they are made right, hell yes! PM me if you want to know whose sibs I’m using.

Hi, im interested. Can u pm me because i don’t have the option just yet HAHA

Binaural beats work. Been using them since I started meditating and it can easily put you in trance if you choose the waves correctly.

What binaural beats f.ex. on youtube would you suggest? Thanks

Quadible Integrity sort of works for me. I say “sort of” because I actually feel some tingles and mild changes when I use them unlike pretty much most providers I’ve seen. Can’t speak for everyone since everyone is different but if you’re interested then watch some here.

No, they were a waste of time and money for me… also annoying.