Do astral healing baths exist?

Hey all,

Whilst on a walk today I thought about a having an astral healing bath.

Recently-well more like this whole year, but everything has been up in the air and I’m very stressed about my future.

My energy has been sucked from me in dreams this week by parasites and shit that my mind thought while in the dreams were “weird leeches” and didn’t remove them because they kept moving. So having an astral healing bath might kill and renew myself to a higher extent than what I can do here on earth.

How would it be possible to visit a place that does this and could Raphael help?


anywhere in the astral where there are bodies of water will help.

but you need to keep yourself clean

Raphael can fuck up parasites

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Also anything on Earth made by people exists in the astral, somewhere.

So you could set your intention to visit Bath in the UK where they had healing baths, and some private rooms for it I believe, or, the hot springs in Japan, or any fancy modern spa.

If you look these things up online it will tune you in to help you set your frequencies to find them. But even if you miss and end up “building castles in the sky”, you will still achieve your aim by intention. Your own invention would be more customizable anyway.

Leeches are very common and mindless, you can easily pluck them off with visualization if you sit in a quiet space and look for them in your energy field.

But having leeches attached can be a red flag for you having an energy leak that you want to close.
They’re not parasitic, they’re the recyclers of the astral and function to clean up old discarded energy. So if they’re attached to you it’s a sign of something wrong because they thought your energy was waste for some reason. They’re more like getting a fungal infection than getting worms.

So pluck them off, but then try to fix what attracted them. You said you were stressed, and that would do it, so stress management as you’re doing is a good idea. :slight_smile:

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Now that sounds like a working idea! Tonight I’ll draw out a hot spring from Japan and call Raphael to that image and hopefully, it stays till I am asleep!