Do any one Experience of S rob products

Dear friends, I have seen lot of products of S rob from

DO you any of you used these products and what is your feed back

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Hello Venkat, i am your member and im realy satisfied with all given products. However i have some question for you and advice. Can you send me dm here please

His website look realy intersting, im gonna buy his spells since its cheap

I read a bunch of his books recently because they were in kindle unlimited.

I like how he sets you up to essentially program your brain when it’s magic time and your going to be connecting to a spirit. He uses simple methods and symbolic things to make the connection essentially stronger.

Aside from that, every book I read by him was essentially the same material, repeated over and over to get similar results with different spirits. Other than showing how simply it can be to swap names and use the same methods he laid out already, I don’t see much value in over indulging in his books.


Dear sir/Madam, Thank you for your feed back. Actually I have seen Good reviews on his spell casting moreover they are very cheap. I heard he uses Servitors related to various gods and goddess in his spells. May he would have repeated same in his books too.

Sir, can you check your mail please

Which member you are tallking about ?


I am not the owner. I am member of that

Oh, im sorry then. Do you know when they will update more products. They told me they are In process doing it. But no response on mail from them

Hm, in one mail i sent to that site he tell me his name is venkat and that he is from India.

Yeah now i checked. Guy who sent me product via e mail said his name is Venkat and that he is from India. Also you style of writing is same…

My name is Ventateswara rao.

So you don’t have any connection with them

I brought the products from him. Already i posted one products here like Root breathing excercise

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His books are like evocation always the only thing is tat he give namws of diferent spirts unknow to most of nort amwrica. U may get results, his cd in amazon is ok. Like a lo g pray for good fortune, uncross etc.