Do any of you who smoke get pain in their lungs/chest?

I smoke 3 cigarettes a day and I am calling Haagenti to break my habits, do any of you who smoke get pain in their chest or lungs sometimes?

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That’s normal, but on the other hand this may be the entities way of telling you to quit

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I’m asking my four black hooded guardians for help , thank u for your answer I thought I was the only one

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I smoke 2 packs a day, I know what it’s like, I offer lucifer a cigarette, and some entities change the taste to communicate

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I smoke a pack a day .

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Do you get pains?

I get moody and anxious and angry and unfocused when I don’t.

No I don’t get pains .
How long have u been smoking ?

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In total for a year, when I was 20, one month, when I was 22, two months, 23, six months, now I’m 25, approx. 4 months

May be that’s why u have pains . Irregular smoking


Try magnesium. Tablets are easiest and avoid ‘magnesium oxide’.

I smoke pipes. Little inhalation and massive Vit. N. Also a lot of very different flavours.



By this, do you mean the vitamin ‘Nature‘?
I googled vitamin N and found there is a book with this tittle, promoting the great outdoors and having fun.

Vitamin N is what alot of non-cigarettte tobacco users call nicotine. With pipes and cigars you don’t inhale the smoke but it still gives you more nicotine than cigarettes depending on the blends used.


change your cigarret to a better , i have pain and wizzling in my lung, i think it was covid 19 effects that remain with me, be carefull take a x ray and go to a bronchologist

I used to smoke…1-2 packs a day (quit tho)

Pain is usually not a good sign, biologically speaking…I’d look into mudane causes first.