Do any of you think this dream means anything?

So last night I had a dream and in the dream I had this dragons blood power resin incense, so I rolled my own stick if you will in paper towel (I do this IRL with sage) and I put it up on a stick and left it to burn in my house, and this was my old house the one I lived at before here. I left it to burn down over night and the next morning I check it and it’s still burning, not even a quarter of it has been burned down yet it was burning that slow! I then heard IT IS STILL BURNING?! in like a women’s voice but no one was in the house with me…I then walked into what was my bedroom then…I was the only one in this house…or so I thought…and I saw this creature in like a human form it looked kind of like my brother but shorter…it was crouched down and when it heard me it slowly came closer to me growling, so I kicked it against the wall so hard then I heard it whimpering and it sounded like a dog whining while it was holding its head, then I woke up…

Any ideas on what you guys think this means? If you think it means anything ofc.:slightly_smiling_face:

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