Do antidepressants block abilities to invoke/evoke?

Curious if anyone is taking anxiety or antidepressants and are able to invoke/evoke without issues. I see so many people seemingly be able to connect with spirits easily, and I’ve not had luck. At first I had success with Lucifer, but now I’m not noticing anything. Over the years I’ve even done 4 love spells and each one of the men seemed to immediately be repulsed/hateful towards me after the spells.

I’m wondering if the antidepressants are keeping me from connecting, or even ruin my spells? I have no idea.I cannot stop taking them, so that isn’t a possibility.

But still…why do men who seemed obsessed with me suddenly cut contact and become hateful after I do love spells? Seems weird and makes me feel hopeless.

I would appreciate some input on this if possible.

Thank you :blush:

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This topic has been debated on this forum before, and you might want to use the search function and read those other threads.

The fact is, there is no consensus.

Those who are rabidly against the pharmaceutical and medical industries, and therefor biased, will blame everything on the pills, and say you should stop taking them immediately.

Others will say that, no, the pills won’t affect your ability to invoke and evoke at all.

The truth lies within the two extremes, because everything that affects your biology affects your magick. Caffeine will affect your magick. Cigarettes will affect your magick. Alcohol will affect your magick. A heavy diet will affect your magick.

You need the ability to focus to do effective magick and if you can’t focus due to depression and anxiety, then your magick will be affected.

However, it is vary much variable across individuals, like everything else. I take antidepressants, for example, and have not noticed any ill effects upon my ability to evoke. Others on the forum though, have reported differently.


@DarkestKnight is exactly correct. I could not function (prior to practicing any form of magick) on anytype of downer in real life. Each person is different, and I am currently and have been for more than a couple years on behavioural medications for adhd with wonders to my health and well being as well as my ability to have relationships with people that were not possible before as well as be able to focus enough to even start meditating.

@Jordan_Smith Medication doesn’t necessarily effect ones summoning skills but if its the wrong medication it can have negative effects on us physically, mentally and I’m sure in some regards spiritually. The best advice is to see how they make you feel and think, and in comparison off of them (however I do not condone this if you need them daily for good health), talk to your dr about it and even if possible to talk to a therapist for the benefit of having a nonjudgemental person in front of you to ramble and vent to help with depression or anxiety. But the most crucial thing is to take good care of yourself in all regards, its something we all need to do and often forget to.


Personally I’ll admit I’m on multiple antidepressants but I have no issues with my abilities. Now I have also been on them since a young age, though I wish to be off I can’t yet it’s been 17 years of them and multiple ones.

Everyone reacts different. This is just MY personal experience.


Thanks, hon. I’m talking with a therapist and taking meds that work well. If I didn’t take the medication I would be almost catatonic, except with lots of crying.

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I tried to go off mine and it was too dangerous…for everyone else! My heart breaks for people in previous generations who could have benefitted greatly from medication which wasn’t even created yet.

Don’t push yourself to go off meds if they help. Life is difficult and we need all the help we can get. :hugs:

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Thanks so much for this. It just popped into my head and I started worrying. I’ll make sure to remember to search first the next time.

It depends on the person, some may have blockages and some may feel fine with it.

I have to say antidepressants does no work for me and blocks everything, alcohol helps me a lot during invocations, specially for curses

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Okay. I guess whatever works. Thank you.

This depends on you.

If my brain chemistry is normal and I take a drug that is meant to balance it, then it is altering a brain chemistry that doesnt need to be altered, this obviously can effect your psychic ability.

However if i am taking the drug to return my brain chemistry to its usual functions, then I dont imagine it negatively impacting me.

To put this into perspective, if a person with ADHD takes adderall they chill out. If a person without ADHD takes adderall they feel wired.

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Literally, that’s me with my meds for adhd, and wow do they ever chill me out from rage and doing half a million things at once haha.

Decide how they work for you. Keep a journal or mental note when off of them
Exercise works wonders on the likes of depression an anxiety. But some people may require the medicine to feel stable enough to work. It really varies.

Personal Note: I began to have averse affects with my medication so I took a more holistic approach.
I had learned about techniques or mental exercises to help manage it. Even in the lows that may come I have a humor as well as a plan for anxiety and depression.
This was after throwing away a bipolar management book and quitting traditional psychotherapy.
I’m sure people find their path either way.
No matter find the meaning and bueaty in all things.

I’ve seen the light and have seen dark patches of life.

“Life is a tragedy when seen in close-up, but a comedy in long-shot.” - C.C.