Do angels want to help us like demons?


Interesting, other research says they come from pre-Christian times (technically so are Celestials from what I’ve read and heard) so therefore are not “Angelic” at all.

Also interesting, where did this one come from, I’m curious. I believe there are people here who have evoked Celestials and are still just fine since there are some detailed descriptions of what they look like, granted Spirits can look any way they want when answering a call.

No different than a Daemons’, the only difference I’ve found between the two is Vibration, that’s it.

oh lord.
Okay, the book is interesting but don’t read too much into the “Bible” part there. LaVey was interesting but i wouldn’t call him an expert lol.


This does not surprise me, I feel the Angels are very unfairly treated when looking at them from the Christian perspective.


I think the dangerous to summon thing is from some solar based angels when in full manifestation put out so much energy it just energetically burns and irradiates everything nearby. Which if you ever had an energy overload you can imagine what it might be to have a miniature sun standing in front of you.


They are friendly, yes, though they can be strqightforward when morally needed.

There are angels that bring death and destruction as much as there are demons-angels and demons are in fact unified, each angel had it’s demonic counterpart, and they function together in the greater scope of reality, though you can choose to work with either the one or the other or both at the same time. They are both related to alchemy, and are parts of the God-mind, being your mind; :slight_smile:


Finally, thank u,dear. U just said what i initially wanted to make them understand


Thanks for everyone responding in the thread, also it was really insightful to gain more knowledge :slight_smile:


If you’re talking about theological history and legend, Samael and Lucifer have nothing to do with each other besides being “cast down”. Current wise, both serve the cause of enlightenment in different ways. But that’s no reason to simply call them aspects of each other.

The character of Samael has MUCH more in common with Azazel than with Lucifer. In terms of character, legend, current, and energy wise.


Archangel Samael is awsome!!