Do angels want to help us like demons?


I didn’t know, I just read what he showed me only, and then he never showed me that book again since then


As someone who regularly calls upon both angels and demons, i can unequivocally state that the answer to the OP’s question is YES.


Well the Satanic Bible is writen by him and he doesn’t believe Demons, Satan etc… are real beings. So on theory I don’t believe much of that book. For theistic Satanist I do believe the rituals in that book are good to set intent.


Agreed fully!


Could you teach me?


Teach you what? To evoke angels?

The rules of basic evocation are the same for angels as they are for demons:

Preparatory Immersion
Use of a working system
Attainment of Omnipotence
Substantial Contact
Incantation or Oration
Issuing a Task
Psychological Retraction


Well, doing some reasearch wouldn’t hurt I guess lol.


Definitely yes, as few members have stated here and as well as helping or rather assisting on their own, I know of numerous instances where multiple beings “worked together”, that according to some misled individuals out there “hate” each other. Just in this week both Lord Lucifer and Raphael worked together on a cause for myself… Dark Regards


First of all use YouTube. E.a. Koetting sums up the steps of evocation. My Journal will give you that steps too and a lot of more information to practice.


He’s actually a member of the Heavenly Army that’s led by the Archangel Michael. When I first evoked the Archangel Raphael, I saw him in the armor of a soldier, when I recently learned that he was a part of the Archangel Michael’s army band it made complete sense.

Someone’s been watching too much Supernatural. I only evoke and summon angels, yes they are brilliant and dazzling, clothed with glorious light, but I’ve never been blinded yet.

Angels aren’t as partisan as humans make them out to be. But I respect your desire to remain working with demons.

In answer to @inessence, yes. Angels want to help us and they are helpful. I only work with angels and I have never regretted that decision.


Still, Rafael at least with my experience is so hmm, peace guy that he fights only when he would be attacked.


In his one appearance in the Bible, he defeats the demon Asmodeus and he cures the Blinded Tobit. So, he’s definitely skilled in both.

But yes, if I needed some necks snapped, the Archangel Raphael wouldn’t be my first choice, it would be the Archangel Samael.


I don’t want to make fool of my self, but was Samael old name of Lucifer?


Yes, the poison of God :wink:


You didn’t make a fool of yourself in any way


Well I don’t know much about demons so I could lol, so what is the difference between Samael and Lucifer?


Well if you read about Lucifer. Really read, not the bag of lies that spread around the internet.
Lucifer has many masks and is divine. A known mask is Prometheus.
So in my opinion Samael is another mask for Lucifer.

in my own workings I have seen Lucifer advise me Lilith. And Lilith in the qliphoth is the spous of Samael. Isn’t that a coincidence


Indeed, well thanks for answer.


No, the Archangel Samael has nothing to do with Lucifer. The Archangel Samael is from Judaism, and in Judaism, Satan is just another angel in heaven with a specific role.

Lucifer is the Roman God of the Morning Star, the Roman version of the Greek Phosphorus. Lucifer appears once in the Latin translation of the Bible as a translation of the Hebrew word helel, which is part of a poetic description of the King of Babylon, definitively not the King of Demons :slight_smile:. Modern translations recognize this and translate helel as morning star. In fact, the Roman God Lucifer and Jesus have more symbolism in common than he does with the Archangel Samael, the Satan.

The belief that Satan is a being in opposition to God and his name is Lucifer are both late Christian inventions. And for a group of individuals who are attempting to throw off the blinders that religion placed upon them, it’s interesting that it’s stuck around for so long.


Alright, I am confused then lol.