Do angels want to help us like demons?


Divine aura, burn your eyes? Ehhh, not really?
You won’t see angel with your own eyes or any other beings, you see everything by your astral abilities.


They intend no harm, its true, but tell me can u look at the sun for 1 hour, that is what would happen if u look at the angels with ur own eyes. And I won’t argue anymore, because we have different experience and savvy, thus this will lead to nowhere eventually


Da hell? You don’t really see angel with your own eyes, have you seen angel already?
I did and somehow after looking at them I see normally, it’s more Hollywood stories, like “voodoo is all about dolls and killing people” lol.


I don’t argue I just hate when someone misleads people and then those Hollywood infos go to the magic world somehow…


Oh pls @@ I told u, I saw the angels with my 3rd eye, and through my black mirror. There is a ritual to summon the angel Anael through the black mirror


I didn’t mislead anyone at all, How dare u?
I am only sharing my knowledge about these things, and one more thing I come from Asia, Hollywood makes no sense to me at all, so do not incarnate it to me


Telling people that angels are dangerous? It’s quite nonsense to talk more about it, I will not write now about books and the knowledge that speaks about it.
Ideological stuff just doesn’t suit me, and now saying that we are in possibilities to become much more powerful than any demon or angel.


I know this is only a TV series in Supernatural what would Abaddon do if she saw a Angel of the Lord?


Oh my where should I begin. First of all Demons or Fallen Angels, Ancients (how you want to call them) didn’t lose their wings.
Second Angels and Arch Angels are perfectly willing to work with us if there is respect.

Did you watch every Supernatural episode? Most of this not really how it works.


Ok, fine fine. Movies just show us a little fact of these things, we have to discover them ourselves, I really don’t depend on films because this is magic, not a movie thus there is nothing certain at all


Actually, they didn’t lose their wings but those were burnt as a punishment to them from their Creator, to banish them to hell with no way to get back to Heaven.


So where did you find that theory. Most Daemons appear with wings at sometime. Lucifer mostly does.


The satanic Bible, mate. Although I am not a witch who work with demons but Hecate, luckily, I have a friend who work with demons and he showed me this in his Satanic Bible


Now let me tell you something that is true. Angels, Daemons synchronize with us on different ways. One of the ways is that you actually find feathers at the most strange places when you work with them.


Their wings still there, but sealed to return to the Heaven


I once had an experience about 10 years back where I was at one of my previous jobs and I was having panic attacks. I was walking around and suddenly this feeling of love washed over me, I felt like I was floating somewhat (that feeling you get when you feel taller than you are) in my third eye I could see this beautiful shining golden Forrest the sky was bright yellow and the trees were shinning golden whilst giving off a high pitch buzz. It was wonderful. Has anyone else experienced this too? Was I partially materialised in another realm?


I don’t think i would want to summon an Angel of the Lord, i would be on their hit list, i keep to my 9 Demonic Gatekeepers.


Anton Lavey?


On the contrary, I experienced in a dark woods which is called the Ruleless woods


@johntrevy, the way you explained this, I got a warm feeling right away :slight_smile: