Do angels want to help us like demons?


Are angels safe to summon and do they have the same power as demons?

Also are they friendly and want to help humans?


No, they will all kill you and torture before that.
I thought it’s obvious lol.


Why are you trolling?


If I am trolling then you for sure know the answer, yes they help people many times…
If you want to start working with them I recommend Rafael.


I just wanted to know because somebody once told me that they are not for helping humans and you can make them angry, and I was very sceptical of his answer so I wanted to ask.

Thank you for your response and recommending Rafael. :slight_smile:


Don’t listen to propaganda of “demons destory humans” or “angels destroy humans”
Both of them can help, and I promise you can make demon angry faster then angel, Rafael woulnd’t harm a fly lol.

I recommend reading some topics about angels, and getting to know them better.
Rafael is for healing, Michael for banishing etc.


Well, demons are the Fallen angels, so that they share the same powers, but because they lost their wings, this led to seal some aspects of their powers.
Angels are not only powerful but also very dangerous to summon, they need a vessel to walk the Earth, if humans look at their true form, they become blind instantly.


Isn’t that the Divine Light of the Universe?

Many Magicians who’ve experienced them saw them and they don’t seem blind.


Both Angels and Demons are powerful and “safe” to work with if you’re respectful.


My dear, they didn’t see the angels with their eyes, they saw them with their 3rd eye or something…


And the light is their Divine Aura, which is extremely powerful and should not be seen with our own normal eyes


Thank you I will keep this in mind.


Ahhh so by seeing them in our minds eye we’re safe?


Yeb, my dear, ur 3rd eye for sure.


Much depends on your perspective. Angels tend to be beings who have fully realised their unity with the Divine and this will include the so-called “bad” and “goo”, so they could easily perform tasks that demons would but they would do so from a different vantage point and using a different approach, i.e. one that will use divine truth and justice because these are not-negotiable though we may foolishly try to make a “deal”.


Fallen angels? Ouuhh propaganda attack…
Angels are safe to summon, my dear lol…


Oh really, then tell me, how safe it could be??? Their behavior may not dangerous but their powers which are too strong will cause some nagative effects on us if we can’t handle that


Attitude is the answer for all, but just like sun light, u can’t look at it too long without wearing a sunglass. Their Divine Aura even lighter and stronger than the Sun


First of all, angels won’t harm you, until you will threat them offend etc. every being would attack you if you would do that lol, and there is no such thing with “cannot handling their power”
Please stop missleading novices…


You’re right about perception being everything at all levels of experience.