Do angels ever harass you?

I’m a non empathetic I can in fact get empathy back. But empathy doesn’t feel good it’s uncomfortable. It’s a horrible feeling. I won’t have angels and spirit guides pressuring me, harassing me never leaving me alone… empathy blinds me, builds my ego, makes me feel like I wanna help, care, about people when I actually don’t wanna help and I don’t care about people!!! (It’s forced)Empathy is a forced thing no empathy I feel like myself.

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Can you explain what you mean by this again? I don’t really understand.

Do angels harass me? No.
Not everyone harmonizes with angelic energies though. So people do have bad experiences with them.

I don’t really understand though why random angels/ your spirit guide would force empathy on you.

By the way, the word empathy or being an empath (bs in my opinion, empathy is a skill, not a personality) simply means you have the ability and willingness to understand peoples’ feelings and their attitudes.
It does not mean you have to help them.


I’m new here, but from my understanding calcified pineal glands have a hard time with empathy. It’s a huge reason why the planet is in the shape it’s in. The ones in power are calcified. Perhaps look into decalcifying your pineal gland.

I don’t have empathy because I eliminated it with demonic energy.
My (ANGELS, SPIRIT GUIDES)want me to be empathetic.
I won’t do it I might have to summon a demon on them. They want me to let people in my life. I don’t like people I’m a loner I like that about myself.

No it’s not a calcified pineal gland. Read the comment I said to the other user.
It answers your question.
But actually thanks for the advice.
I’m always wanting to learn about everything that I can.

I can’t answer this without questioning your decision, which could be interpreted as “moralizing” by some people, or giving my opinion when I wasn’t asked to.

If you reject their way of helping you, you should stop working with them. Go seperate paths in the future.

However if you want my honest opinion: They’re probably right in wanting you to let people in your life.


I agree with Helena, usually angels can see the bigger picture. Sure you might be a loner but there might come a time in your life where you need people or you are lonely.
Life is hard when you are being alone imo.

But this is just my opinion, you are the one who will make the decision that is best for you

Best regards

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From what I know angels harass those who do black magic

Personally I do not work with Angels and I do not have a nice opinion about them, but even the Demons and Ancient Gods I work with are bringing people into my life. Other people I know, that also don’t work with Angels at all, also have the entities they work with bringing people into their life.

To understand someone else’s feelings (or sense energetically what they feel), it has nothing to do with Angelic beings. That’s a “skill” (it’s not really a skill but lets say it is) that a Demon opened up for me and I didn’t even asked. And definitely you don’t have to help anyone.

As if Angels have harassed me, the answer is yes but I took care of that.

Empathy is something I have struggled with for years. People think of it as a “sixth sense” but it is often more of a hindrance than a help. When you feel all the negative stuff around people and can be quite disabling. You could be expected to go into places, or to be close with certain people, and just work, just function and ignore your feelings, but the worst part is they aren’t your feelings, they are someone else’s urrgh. To top it off, there is a whole slew of people who do things like just believe in science, just believe it doesn’t exist, and even if it doesn’t that no one would ever have such intensity of emotions merely from being in proximity with or connected to other people.

Angels do not go out of their way to harass me. I remember as a newbie when I hoped things like mystery schools such as the Golden Dawn and/or Thelema would hold the keys to finally getting out of it. I remember wanting to work with angels, and do things like the LBRP. I felt like I couldn’t put myself in a situation where I was even more messed than I already was from the energies. Some people love that stuff, do great. So, no the angels aren’t coming to get me, or try to return me to the "light side or what ever other new satanic myths people have made up for personal gain.

Do you know how I can make it to where light and love energy can’t mess with me?

You’re taking for granted empathy and goodwill of members to reply. :thinking:

If you reject empathy, why post asking other humans ( “I don’t like people I’m a loner I like that about myself.”) for assistance?

Maybe that’s the lesson here.

Walk your talk.


Angels are a mixed bag, but like all spirits, how you approach them and who you are changes how they will treat you.

Yes, angels can harass you, but then so can demons. In fact, there is a thread on this forum by someone who was dealing with just such demonic harassment.

Both angels and demons have their own agendas, and both of them generally look at magicians as tools to use to further those agendas. Sometimes, they think they know what is best for us, and will try to push us in certain directions.

I guess both demons and angels know what could be good for us. It depends on if we are willing to walk there path. I just don’t like the demiurge path,
I’m sure angels have plenty to offer me
It’s the matter if are they gonna help me if I know and they know.
I’m only gonna get there help to further my agenda.
instead of furthering there agenda.

I don’t like people who can’t see that they have pure love (empathy) instead of true love (empathy)
which would make them blind.
Not saying everyone has this
on this website.

Pure love is love empathy. By that I mean.
People believe they help
when they don’t actually help. Even when there told it a isn’t Helpful.
When it only hurts.

True love is love (empathy)
That is understanding
doesn’t hurt people but only helps.

There’s a difference between delusional love (empathy) and true love

Angels make most people in this world have pure love. Instead of true love. That’s why there is pain in love (empathy)
True love there isn’t pain.
Pure love there’s pain.
Angels stick to demiurges plan.
That’s why I won’t bring matter
in this world that will
only suffer.
it’s likely that matter that I bring into this world will have pure love, will never figure
out who he she is
out of fear or not wanting to know.
And will reincarnate forever.
Because he she is a slave to demiurge

One of the most ironic things I’ve discovered about magick is that working with demons has made me more selfless, and angels more selfish.

I remember the day my empathy was killed. I’m not sure how old I was, but I remember being shorter than the trash can in the room. That being said, I recognize that it is often in my own best interest to align myself with the interests of others, who are in turn aligned with me.

I also quite enjoy the pleasure of giving and sharing. It makes me feel strong when I am able to give.

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That’s good

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I don’t like people making up their own definitions.
I repeat:

I can understand the way someone acts because I understand how they feel and why the feel like this.
I does not mean I love them.

And yes, I want to help people, but that’s my choice, I don’t have to. And I certainly don’t love everyone I help. I’m trying to help you at the moment, but forgive me for saying I don’t love you.


This is false.
True love is for example the love between a mother and a child.
And this love can hurt, when your child is really sick and you’re constantly worried. Or even worse when you lose your child.
The mere thought that somebody you truly love gets hurt is painful.


I never said anybody loves anybody.
Empathy is a form of love If a person doesn’t have empathy they can’t love and they don’t care to help anybody. I sure as hell don’t love you or anybody for that matter. You misunderstood what I meant by love and empathy. Like I said empathy is a form of love when it’s pure it isn’t true. People who have pure love are fake. Not entirely there fault tho society and the angels seem to enjoy having pure love.

You might or might not know or understand even if I tell you what it is. But I’ve learned to discern the pure love. It’s a fucking joke all the times I couldn’t understand why the fuck I was forced into caring. It’s because it was pure not true. Pure empathy not true empathy.
Also I thought I loved a family member, that died but i don’t. I’ve learned to discern the energies I receive.
It has made me realize that caring is forced upon me. Light energy
the so called angelic energy.
It’s a release of brain chemicals too the energy we receive. Which is stupid and feels completely uncomfortable not right.
Forced care

The only dude I thought I loved was my dad which that was a pure love. Which in this case I mean love and empathy.
I don’t love males that’s pretty weird in my opinion. Plus I’ve never had the ability to love anybody in my life.
I don’t always expect a reply btw.
so don’t feel obligated to reply
if you don’t want too.