Do all spirits know our location?


Been going through the forum and reading everything, and I found out that spirits seem to know our real location? I’ve read for example in this forum that you could destroy a person by invocating demons and send it to them without being there as if the spirits immediately know their location, how is this possible?

My meaning is if you were to do voodoo or hex someone does it work? It feels unsettling to me, it doesn’t feel right about what I read throughout the forum.

Can they also have access to our minds?

How quick are spirits to learn our whats in/on our mind?

Is ‘‘intention’’ power?

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Yes, if its a successful ritual/spell.

Yes they can.

Probably in an instant, considering mental plane isnt bound by time.

Yes it is.


They don’t know our location unless we call on them, as for what’s in our minds, those who go to the astral/mental most likely instant since it’s a plane where your thoughts are pretty obvious. While physically or say etherically not quick or at all due to the fact they’d have to learn telepathy or something related to it.


Intention is the Will to direct power. It’s not power by itself. But power is everywhere you just have to know how to tap into it. Which you do with your intention.


Spirits can locate from sensing the energy of their target. That is, if they arent already being sent by someone.

If its a magician sending spirits to another person, its the intent that is their GPS. As for thoughts, thoughts (like everything in the universe) are made of energy. The spirits can pick up on that energy. That doesnt mean that every time you think something the entire spirit world hears. If you want to telepathically send a thought to a spirit, then they do hear it. And if they have a good spiritual connection with you.


I just love your clarity and pragmatism. I’m saying it here but I’m new, reading stuff, and I’ve seen you here and there.


From experience and my personal workings, YES…I can go into detail but I’ve seen plenty of great answers to your question already

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