DNA altering

Hey I wanna know if there is a goetian demon that is able to alter physical dna if they can do that


Try sublimimals

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If any of them can, it would probably be Marbas. That being said, gene editing is incredibly difficult, and so I’d expect that the amount of highly organized energy required for a demon to make a single edit in every one of the trillions of cells that make up your body would be astronomical.


Apparently what EA and others are discovering as part of the Nine Demonic Kings series is that evocation is changing our DNA.

Just started reading my copy of Belial: Without a Master, where EA talks about just that.

So evoking any of the Demonic Gatekeepers would do it too.


Accept and live the bidy your in also helps

By invoking and apparently evoking there is taking place a DNA altering. A Dark alchemy.


I remember seeing on the forum someone claiming that Orias can do it. I know that he can help with shapeshifting, so isn’t too odd that he can change DNA.

Now that’s interesting. Do you think Orias is able to change the epigenome (e.g. methylation, acetylation, histone modifications, etc.) to modify how genes are transcribed, or would he also be able to change the genome itself (e.g. single base changes, insertions, deletions, homologous recombination, etc.)?

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Oops, realized I forgot to tag you @Isamo_Minami

Sorry, the post I saw refers to Orobas and not Orias. Is this one:

About this biological stuff, well, I am a mathematician, in fact an engineer so this is way over my area of study. But at the top of my ignorance, I believe that shapeshifting, at some point, need to alter the DNA in some way, that’s why I mentioned Orias. One Brazilian magician claims to have got his blue eyes from Orias since his eyes were brown in the past. I don’t know if I believe in him, mostly not but at this point, if it truly happened, some genes had to be altered… Or am I wrong?

Well, the post is here. Look at it.

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@Isamo_Minami maybe he wore tinted contacts

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Orobas its truly great He is very powerful and binds other spirits to tell only the truth or send them away. Totally a must to work with



Yeah, it can be; although the guy isn’t so dumb to do it since he has his base of seekers.

There could be a lot of factors and I’ve only mentioned him because is a guy that I remembered from Brazil. But there’s a lot of people claiming huge changes in their bodies and giving the credit to Orias, and I know that’s one of his specialties, but I never looked for real shapeshifting, so I never truly experienced something like this.

Well, this is a job for people who research this stuff. I’m waaaaaaaaay off from it! lol

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Perhaps its a glamour. My persistent questioning isnt weather its possible as such more is it dustinctly a physical transformation we go through or our spirit dna

Can he change the dna of a growing child? My friend is pregnant and believes the child belongs to someone she doesn’t want it to belong to but isn’t sure… she doesn’t want the child to be his. Is there anything she can do to make the child someone else’s … if this makes sense