Dmt and magic

Is it possible to get the dmt for magic legally if i live in israel? Is it possible to buy it online? Thanks

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You would have to look up the specific rules for Israel. There’s no way we can answer that question.

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Very likely not. Though MHRB and ACRB are often legal to import as purple dye from all over and one can extract it themselves. There is a source in the Netharlands that’s reputable for quality product with lots of great colors.

Basic A/B and STB extractions are fairly simple. If one can follow a recipe the process is like baking a cake.

CYB’s Salt Tek and MaxIon Tek are the most effective from a theoretical yield standpoint. YouTube “GordoTek” for a stupid simple way to do it without using immediately caustic/dangerous reagents like sodium hydroxide

I’m an organic chemist, so this is all speculation of course :wink:

5-MeO-DMT is often sold as a research chemical on the surface web but it’s 5-6x more powerful and if you can’t “let go” it can be mortifyingly intense. It is known to warp some people. 2nd death, merge with the divine, a love so profound it’s horrifying. Don’t go looking for the easy option if you choose to pursue this.

Odds are you’re looking at a compound most developed countries consider a Schedule 1 controlled substance. Tread very lightly and don’t talk about it if you choose to pursue anything mentioned here

I do not endorse the production, use, or trafficking of the substances in this thread. For information purposes only

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Now, the context part:

Shamanic enthogens of this level tend to find you when you’re ready for them. There is something indeed very very magickal about them and the situations surrounding it will tend to shift depending on what it has to teach you.

Some people are not ready for it when it arrives and the experience isn’t anything like they’ve heard. It may deny you the experience entirely or it may be a subpar version of it’s full potential.

There is ridiculous synchronicity surrounding this stuff. It’s a chemical oracle in itself.

If you choose to partake, do not do so on a whim. Nothing can prepare you for it. Yet preparation for integration should be taken seriously. All advice surrounding regular common psychedelics goes 100x more for this stuff.

Trust your intuition if and when it manifests and treat it like an incredibly sacred divine sacrament. It is both the most natural and synthetic experience you’ll ever have in this life at the same time. Disrespect it and it will hand you your ass

If it finds you, the most common delivery system is through a small vape cartridge. This won’t get you to fully breakthrough to the Nexus space. If you remember exhaling, you screwed up. If you still get the sense what you see is through your physical eyes, you screwed up. If you require 3 or more hits to get there, it’s very underdosed at best. If reality very suddenly rips away and you find yourself flying through tunnels made of eternity, visibly seeing spirits you’ve called on recently emerging through fractal patterns, and suddenly completely understand Tool’s album artwork, you’ve found it.

It’ll be one of the more dramatic things you’ll ever likely experience even among the most fringe experiences discussed here. If it isn’t, it wasn’t the time for it yet.

There’s a type who think they’re a big badass and jump into the “Forbidden, don’t do this - Advanced Only” rituals headlong who may discover this and go for 3x the breakthrough dose on their first attempt.

If they’re reading this and follow suit I’ll just say: make sure you use the restroom first and be ready to hold on to your ass with both hands for the duration because you’ve never been humbled like this before.

If you get to breakthrough, I guarantee it will be the biggest thing on your mind for weeks. Make sure it’s a good experience to recall

Asking it a question and treating it as an introspective/divination tool would be wise. You’ll get exactly what you need out of it. Contemplate this.

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If you do get some, please share your experiences with it. I plan to try DMT eventually. Have you tried Salvia Divinorum? It’s a pretty heavy experience. You can buy DMT on the dark web. Get a Tor Onion browser and go from there.