Any help on summoning them I’ve summoned djinn like azazel but what about the others

Lot of people say Azazel is a jinn, why is that? I have a big resononce with him and I wonder why do you guys state that?


He’s half jinn

Difference between angels and djinn,
is that angels are born by light,
djinn are born by fire.

as we know quite well,
by having worked through various belief systems and pantheons,
the same diety can be seen very differently,
depending on who wrote about them.

Just seek you own correct answer,
directly from Azazels Sigil,
and you’ll know,
what is correct for you.

i’d Say Azazel’s been born by the first Sun of this Solar System,
the one which was in place before the current one,
and is more commonly known as the Planet Saturn.

So the best comparising,
would propably be,
to compare him with Sun dieties of this current Sun,
like Sorath, and Ra.




I think it’s because most follow the Abrahamic idea of Azazel I think but he is also considered a fallen angel. I think either works because the actual Azazel doesn’t really care what people think he is lol

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Not quite seraphim are born by fire as well, often times light and fire are interchangeable when it comes to certain text or light causes fire.


In ancient Arabia, the term jinn also applied to all kinds of supernatural entities and still this is valid nowadays to some degree. So it’s not wrong to call Azazel as a Djinn at least based on their traditions. Djinn as a noun which comes from the Semitic noun Jinn and in Arabic Jann and means “beings that are concealed from the senses” and its the plural form of these entities. The noun “Jaini” can be seen also in pre-Zoroastrian mythology. They are similar to Shedim ( שֵׁדִים‎) in Judaism. Asmodeus in the Torah is described as the King of Djinns ( Shedim to be exact) and he is said there that he lives according to the Torah.

In Islamic tradition, they are “created” from fire but a special type of it, namely from "mixture of fire" “smokeless fire”. Besides the jinn, Islam acknowledges the existence of demons ( not daemons ), as Shayāṭīn. The lines between demons and jinn are blurred since malevolent jinn are also called shayāṭīn.

Djinns are believed to resemble humans in that they eat and drink, have children and die, are subject to judgment, so will either be sent to heaven or hell according to their deeds. According to Islamic tradition based on their invisibility and being hidden from senses, every demon, and every angel is also a jinn, but not every jinn is an angel or a demon

As for the ones summoned by King Solomon, The Goetia, they are still called as Djinns in Arabic tradition, however, according to Qoran, they are the rebellious ones and they are named as “Marids”. Ibn al-Nadim, a Muslim scholar , in his book “Kitāb al-Fihrist” describes and lists 70 Jinn led by Fuqtus, including several Djinns appointed over each day of the week. Bayard Dodge, who translated al-Fihrist into English, notes that most of these names appear in the Testament of Solomon.

There are many good books in Arabic, mainly we may say somehow based on kinds of Talisman magick- which deals with Djinn magick. You may want to check for example Book of Wonders - or Surprises [Kitaab - Ul Bulhan ], English translation

For more practical works, I may suggest Ben Qayin’s The Book Smokeless Fire and Hargrove’s Practical Djinn Magick