Djinn Summoning

I am looking into summoning a Djinn, but some of the spells have animal sacrifices – and honestly, I’m not sure if I could kill an animal.

Is there any Djinn that doesn’t require that? Or do you know of any variation of a Djinn that could help that doesn’t require an animal sacrifice?

Thanks for the help!

Depends on your goal. S. Ben Qayin’s “The Book of Smokeless Fire,” is about spirits he calls Djinn and, as far as I can remember, his system doesn’t require animal sacrifice, just the blood of the magician. All the spirits in the book are baneful though.


Why are djinn spirits referred to as extremely powerful I barely heard anything about them . Are goetic spirits djinns ?

Djinn are spirits made of Living Fire specific to Islamic mythology. That is why you rarely hear of them. They aren’t usually referred to in Western culture.


In the mythology they are also said to be unpredictable and even hateful of humans.
That is just the mythology though.

Some I’ve spoken too say they are tricksters in an extreme sense; they will constantly look for a weakness in you to exploit and will try to manipulate you all the while having you think you’re in charge.

S. Ben Qayin’s book might have a more neutral take on them but without knowledge I wouldn’t call them. I don’t feel they are beginner material.

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If you know of any that are compatible with you, then you can summon them and offer yourself to be a Living Sacrifice, to have it / them possess you.
You can then offer to have them work through you to destroy your enemies.
This way, it vents their destructive, violent, baneful tendencies in a way that is safe for you and those around you.


I am a newbie to the Jinn but not to spirits in general. I live in an apartment and cannot burn incense or candles indoors, only on the balcony.
An offering (not a sacrifice) that I was once strongly told to give them, is fruit.
I left some Asian yellow pears (3) in a large bowl in my room and then left my room, to read elsewhere to give the Jinn some privacy in enjoying the offering.
I’ve also given them sliced strawberries with cream poured over them.